Our contract performance review services make sure your contracts are compliant and cost-effective – allowing you to make savings and maximise the value of your contracts.

  • Contract savings
  • Contract compliance audit

Contract savings

Contract savings and performance review

Our contract savings and performance review helps you make real cost savings and performance improvements. And we’ll do so without impacting your service delivery and customer experience. Our leading-edge approach focuses on contracts, control and consumption, which helps us find and achieve savings quickly.

The benefits of a contract cost savings and performance review

During the last few years of economic uncertainty, most organisations have constantly been looking for ways to reduce costs. With suppliers representing as much as 40 to 80% of a company’s total outgoings, third party spend is an important area to find savings.

Our team has helped a number of private and public sector organisations achieve annual savings of between five and 15%.

How can we help your organisation?

Our innovative approach uses supply and demand-side levers to get the best result. Our team has considerable experience of all types of contract structures. They will:

  • identify key value leakage areas quickly through a commercial review of the contract and understanding the key demand levers;
  • offer a proven methodology that is rooted in fact-based analysis and brings in our experience with past organisations;
  • use tested tools and techniques for identifying and quantifying diverse savings opportunities like over-consumption, incorrect charging, duplicate payments, service credits, etc;
  • help organisations recover real cash and other benefits from suppliers; and
  • make sure your teams are getting new skills and knowledge.

For more information on how we can help you achieve savings on your contracts, get in touch with Walter Akers.

Contract compliance audit

Contract compliance audit

If you want to check whether you’re getting what you paid for out of your contracts, our contract compliance audit services can help. We’ll help you find out if you’re paying more than you agreed to, or not getting the exact products or services you signed up for. 

Assessing your deal 

Contracts take time and resources to negotiate. They can also be complex and difficult to fully understand, monitor or verify just from billings and reports. 

In our experience, many of our customers are not getting the exact service they agreed to in the contract’s terms and conditions. Our contract compliance audits identify where you’re paying too much and your customers are paying too little, making sure commercial deals work in your favour. 

We can help expose gaps in the contract and explore areas for potential recovery. This is particularly useful for our clients who have complex contracts, staff without specific contract expertise or who process large numbers of invoices.

We can also perform global contract compliance audits across different regions. For most clients, our contract compliance audits pay for themselves, as we uncover savings that more than cover the cost. 

For more information on how we could help you save money on your contracts, get in touch with Walter Akers