Procurement has a key role to play in businesses success. Our procurement experts can help you source the best value products and services to meet your needs. We help you to build key supply chain relationships, which limit exposure to commercial risks and build the foundations for sustainable business success.

Procurement is how organisations formally communicate with complex, diverse and dynamic marketplaces. Having an effective procurement strategy in place can lead to sustainable cost reduction and add significant value to the services or products organisations offer through their supply chains.

Organisations should periodically look at how well their procurement functions:

  • support strategic and operational goals; and
  • help them get the best value from suppliers and partners.

Our procurement function effectiveness service compares your activities to best practice. We can help you improve across a number of areas, including:

  • strategy and commercial relationships;
  • finance (cost reduction and value for money);
  • people (culture, capacity and capability);
  • supply chain effectiveness;
  • process (efficiency and effectiveness);
  • stakeholders (buy-in and support); and
  • compliance with policy and regulations.

Once we’ve helped identify areas for improvement, we can help you create and implement action plans for sustainable improvements and savings over the short and long term.

For more information about how our procurement function effectiveness reviews can help you identify savings and sustainable improvements, get in touch with Sola Fadojutimi.