From protecting your organisation from fraud to spotting vulnerabilities in your IT network, RSM’s range of assurance services can help you manage risks more effectively. 

Stakeholders want to be reassured that your business is performing, that risks are being mitigated and that you are complying with legislation.

At RSM we have a number of services to help: 

Fraud solutions

Fraud is costly and can affect not only finances and assets but reputation. Protecting what matters can alleviate the risk of fraud and reduce any regrettable consequences should it occur.

Internal audit

An internal audit function can be an essential tool for managing risk as well as enhancing your systems of governance and control.

Statutory audit

A quality audit, performed by enthusiastic staff with a thorough knowledge of your business and sector, can provide more than simple compliance.

Technology risk solutions

Technology is essential to running a business and the slightest disruption can have catastrophic results. Ensure you can head problems off before they occur by identifying and managing your IT risks.

For more information about how our audit and assurance services can benefit your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.