23 April 2024

The future of generative AI

In the final episode of our generative AI series, we look ahead to see how this powerful technology might affect the economy and society in the long run. How will generative AI change the economic landscape? How will it challenge the professional service sectors? 

Ben Bilsland, Tom Pugh, RSM’s economist, and Joel Segal, a business transformation partner at RSM UK, join us to talk about the possible changes that generative AI could bring in the next 30 years. They discuss how productivity and its distribution among society might change, and how work tasks and human skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and communication might evolve in response to the technology.  

They also consider the difficulties and opportunities that AI brings, such as workforce shifts, education reforms, and the need for human-machine cooperation. Listen for a thoughtful discussion on how generative AI could shape the future of work, productivity, social interactions, and the impact of this rapidly advancing technology.

For more insights on generative AI, explore our Real Economy report.

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