Wellbeing is more than a series of strategies or initiatives to us. We’ve built a positive and diverse culture of wellbeing that encourages our people to be proactive, prioritise themselves and to understand how to support others around them. Wellbeing is a key consideration in our approach to corporate responsibility, diversity and inclusion and how we work

It’s simple, our people are at their best when they’re well. To us, that means wellbeing is a crucial topic we never want to ignore.  

Wellbeing is our commitment to our people, and we take a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that is in line with our values of respect, integrity and stewardship.  

Wellbeing is more than mental health, or even physical, as wellbeing looks at every aspect of our people’s lives – from work/life balance to inclusion. ‘Working well’ enables our people to work at their best, allowing us to provide a premium service to our clients.  

We’ve built a safe and supportive working environment and a healthy culture that encourages openness and proactivity. And through more formal initiatives, such as those driven by corporate responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion, we’re working to support everyone’s diverse wellbeing needs.  

  • How we approach wellbeing
  • Taking action
  • How our people access support

How we approach wellbeing

Our holistic approach empowers our people to maintain their work-life balance and flourish across four pillars of health and wellbeing – physical, psychological, social and financial.
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Healthy Minds

We offer tools and support to help people maintain a positive mental state and cope with the challenges of day-to-day life, while reaching their full professional potential.

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Physical Wellbeing

​​​​​​​We encourage our people to get active and look at every aspect of staying physically well, including diet, fitness and sleep.

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Financial Wellbeing

We offer financially-focused tools, benefits and education to help our people effectively manage their current and future financial health.

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Social Wellbeing

We’ve built a positive working culture, where people can connect with colleagues in an environment that supports individual and firm-wide success.


We focus on prevention, while making it easy to access more immediate professional support when needed. Using storytelling and education, we’re able to raise awareness of the most crucial aspects of wellbeing. 

Our dedicated national wellbeing team work to ensure wellbeing is incorporated into every moment that matters whilst also running education wellbeing webinars covering topics from breaking down the stigma of mental health to financial education. Our team brings their expertise and shape our approach to wellbeing, looking at the needs of our diverse people, and developing and implementing our national wellbeing strategy. 

Our wellbeing ambassadors, located within each of our offices, lead regular events, ranging from online exercise classes to tips for eating. They are also trained Mental Health First Aid Champions should any of our employees need some additional support.  

Taking action

Through our pledge to the Global Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health, we’ve committed to prioritising good mental health across the firm. Our company-wide work is underpinned by our team of trained wellbeing ambassadors who support our people locally.  

Wellbeing issues that impact our diverse employee communities are identified and unpacked through our diversity and inclusion employee networks. They’re vital tools in helping us identify, understand and respond to specific needs.

How our people access support

Wellbeing support is a key part of our reward package. We offer a comprehensive suite of flexible employee benefits, covering all of our pillars of wellbeing and let people pick those that work best for them and their families.  

When more pressing wellbeing issues emerge, our people can easily access direct, professional support. Our Employee Assistance Programme offers emotional support and practical advice through an online health portal and telephone helpline, which is available 24/7. We also provide second opinion medical diagnosis and free virtual GP services.  

On a practical level, we give people peace of mind by offering enhanced sick pay and through our income protection and life assurance schemes.