How we work at RSM

We don’t believe in a fixed approach to how our people work. Being flexible helps us meet the needs of our clients and our people– no matter what that looks like.  

Our agile working approach helps us be more inclusive. We know our highly skilled people have a range of diverse needs, which can be harder to meet working solely in any one setting, home or office. And it’s not always the right place to meet our clients’ needs either.   

Agile working is a fundamental part of who we are.  We encourage our people to proactively work with their line managers to determine how, when and where they work best to meet the needs of their clients, their teams and themselves. 

For collaborative tasks, or those who prefer not to work remotely,  our state-of-the-art offices are always open. They’re brilliant spaces for our people to come together to learn, grow and make a lasting impact.  

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Agile working

We trust our people to find the right balance of working in the office, at client sites and at home. Our teams can deliver even better client work with the right support and flexibility from us. 

Everyone’s days look different, and so do their needs. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible, removing all unnecessary barriers for those with the right skills and attitude. This way, we can all deliver exactly what our clients need, no matter where we’re all working. 

Working well anywhere

It's important to us to genuinely support our people. Helping our people keep a good work-life balance, develop their careers and maintain their wellbeing, while staying connected and working flexibly, are just some of the ways we show that.

We’re also continually investing in our working spaces and the right technology for our people to do their best work. That way, everyone has the space and tools to meet their individual, clients’ and team’s needs.


Our offices are designed to be inspiring working environments that give everyone the tools to do their best work. They’re vibrant working spaces with open-plan layouts and the latest technology. Our dynamic spaces are universities for learning, designed to ensure that our people have all their training needs met. 

Our offices are state of the art spaces that support everything from focused, quiet work to collaborative sessions. These sustainable, welcoming spaces are open to all. Find out more about our commitment to lowering our buildings’ carbon footprint.

Sustainability is at the heart of our workspaces. We’ve been awarded SKA gold accreditation for our recent refits, which celebrates the extent of the environmentally sustainable practices and materials we have used. We have ambitious plans to continue our sustainability journey and make sure our spaces are good for our people and our planet.