Our commitment

Our commitment

At RSM we work hard to create an environment where our people can make a difference - to themselves, their career, their teams, and to the success of our firm and clients. Supporting our people to manage their family and other responsibilities alongside their work commitments by embedding flexible working into our culture put trusts at the centre of our relationship with them. We believe this is key to achieving an inspiring and fulfilling working environment.

I’d like RSM UK to reflect the world we live in. And reflect the breadth of society we are part of today. We’re simply not a one size fits all firm – and that should be something we should all be very proud of."

David Gwilliam, Chief Executive Officer

Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap 2018

We work hard to make RSM an inclusive workplace. Ensuring there are no barriers to progression for our bright and talented women, and that they are supported in achieving success at every level of our business, is a crucial part of that.

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