Acts of philanthropy change lives for the better and leave legacies that last for generations. We’ve seen a growing interest in philanthropy and charitable giving in recent years, from direct donations and social investments to creating and running new charities.

Many family business owners and wealthy individuals are drawn to philanthropy by a sense of social responsibility and a desire to give back. It can also be an excellent way to teach the next generation about the principles of financial stewardship.

We want to support our clients to give back and will help you work out the best way to do so. 

Deciding to become a philanthropist 

Any philanthropic work or donations must be carefully planned and carried out. We’ll help you determine your philanthropic goals, motivations, values, and the causes you’d like to support. You might want to give your time, money, expertise, or all three. We can help you decide how best to achieve the positive impact you’d love to leave.

We can then help you create a long-term and sustainable strategy that’s ready to evolve and adapt to support your chosen causes for generations to come.

Setting up a philanthropic enterprise 

Once you’ve decided on the right causes and what you’d like to give back, we can help you iron out the details. 

Together, we’ll draw up a constitution that establishes which sort of organisation your charity will be. This document will act as a rulebook to help you manage and control it. 

Our experts will recommend the most appropriate structure and investment vehicle for your philanthropic enterprise. Depending on your goals and circumstances, you could opt for a trust, foundation or corporate vehicle or donor-advised fund. 

We’ll advise you on the administration, accounting, regulatory, and compliance issues that come with whichever structure you choose. If you can take advantage of tax reliefs and allowances, we’ll help you do so and maximise the benefits that go to your charity. 

There may also be international elements that affect your philanthropic efforts, particularly if you’re giving across borders. And if your charity has approached the end of its life, we’ll help you wind it down in an orderly way.

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Contact Zoe Martin or Nick Sladden to find out how they can help you plan for and achieve your philanthropic goals.

Nick Sladden
Nick  Sladden
Partner, Head of Charities and Independent Schools
Nick Sladden
Nick  Sladden
Partner, Head of Charities and Independent Schools
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