Our experts take a holistic approach to personal tax advice and our annual tax compliance service covers far more than tax returns.

As part of our service, we’ll review your tax position and offer proactive advice on how to improve your affairs for the next tax year. 

We’ll gather information from you and third parties, prepare the tax return for you to review and file it with HMRC. If HMRC raises queries, or you’re unsure about when payments are due, we’ll be there to help. For an additional annual fee, you can enhance your compliance service so that you pay no additional fees for us to deal with any HMRC queries.

The tax return system puts the burden of responsibility onto taxpayers and with increasingly complex tax rules, taxpayers who still prepare a tax return will often need the help of a specialist tax adviser. 

Our team can help you with complex financial affairs, such as if you receive income from many sources, are self-employed with complexity to your business, receive income or capital gains from overseas, have made significant asset sales in a year or are either non-UK resident or non-UK domiciled. 

Failure to provide HMRC with the right tax information can have large financial penalties and, in some cases, result in lengthy investigations. 

If you’d like our support to make sure your personal tax affairs comply with HMRC’s requirements, contact our knowledgeable advisers. 

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The UK tax system is as complex as ever before and the penalties for getting it wrong are at its most severe. Our range of ideas helps you navigate the tax landscape.