The most successful organisations are not waiting for the new normal. They’re defining and building it themselves, using new and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR), the Internet of Things (IoT), Drones and Blockchain.

Integrating emerging technologies into your business gets you closer to your customers and suppliers and improves employee engagement. It also helps you identify new business insights and automate business processes to drive efficiency. You can now focus on converging technologies for even greater benefit. For example, immersive interfaces allow customers and staff to interact intuitively between a physical and digital world. 

We can help you integrate emerging technologies, enabling you manage the risks effectively, from business case stage through to design, build and operation.

How would you benefit?

Getting it right from the start is far more effective and cost efficient than having to cobble together policies and controls later.

Assurance with emerging technologies can help you to:

  • accelerate innovation and the governance processes;
  • highlight key risks early and build into plans;
  • be assured of your organisation’s readiness for the planned introduction of new technology;
  • provide confidence that the solution design is supportable, maintainable, secure, and scalable to support future business needs; and
  • be confident that outcomes are transparent, responsible, and understandable to your customers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

Our approach

We provide assurance to support your key decisions and confidence to stakeholders.

We typically assess:

  • the business case – does everything stack up and is the governance in place?;
  • solution design – does the design meet your future business model and requirements?;
  • testing and outcomes – what is the underlying flow of data across business processes, and are appropriate controls in place?;
  • execution readiness – are the criteria to enable a safe execution of the new technology met, and are all risks covered?;
  • business readiness – is the operating model in place, and have effective communication channels and cultural change needs been established to ensure success?; and
  • post implementation – what further steps could be taken to enhance the controls and optimise the outcomes?

To find out more about project assurance support, please contact Sheila Pancholi, Steve Snaith, and Paul O’Leary.