How well does your business cope in a crisis? Can you continue to operate during disruption? 

The pandemic triggered many organisations to review and improve their business resilience plans. But pandemics aren’t the only threat to business. 

A robust response to the unexpected can protect your organisation from risk exposure, whether that means political change, cyber-attacks, environmental emergencies, disruptive innovations, or global events.

We can help organisations reduce the likelihood and impact of disruption to their critical operations and technology. Our sharp commercial focus and knowledge allows us to deliver a tailored solution that is right for your business, from start to finish. We work closely with you to develop and test your response, helping to create robust systems and procedures that will keep you running with minimal disruption in the event of the unexpected.

Our services include:

  • business impact analysis;
  • business continuity management and IT disaster recovery planning;
  • crisis management planning;
  • testing, reporting and ongoing assurance programmes; and
  • lessons learnt exercises.

How you can benefit

All businesses need to be resilient. Disruption to your critical operations and technology can force you to shut down for days, weeks or even months. An effective plan and response can help you mitigate risks and get back on your feet quickly.

Our business resilience services can help you understand and reduce your risk exposure and prevent crises when incidents happen.

Our approach

Using five steps, our approach is tailored to your unique needs:

1. Program initiation

We review existing policies and charters, roles and responsibilities, documents, plan management, and executive support and prioritisation.

2. Requirements definition

We assess and analyse the threats and run a business impact analysis, including technical and system dependencies to help define your business resilience needs.

3. Strategy determination

We conduct a gap analysis to align business recovery requirements with current capabilities. Then we develop your solutions.

4. Plan development, implementation, and documentation

Here we develop technology recovery plans, business continuity plans, incident and crisis management plans and failback considerations.

5. Program management and testing

Lastly, we develop sustainable processes, to make sure that documented plans and processes remain current and aligned with your objectives. This allows us to use existing recovery-related processes and documentation to help you build your recovery capabilities.

We can act quickly and effectively to support all aspects of your business resilience.

To find out more about project assurance support, please contact Sheila Pancholi, Steve Snaith, and Paul O’Leary.