Informed investment decisions don’t happen without appropriate due diligence undertaken by the investor. Vendor due diligence is a full, methodical, and rigorous process commissioned by the seller, rather than a potential investor. 

An RSM vendor due diligence report protects and enhances the value of your business. It provides potential investors with an independent and focused report that they can rely upon, in a process that is controlled by you.

Why commission a vendor due diligence report?

It enables you to communicate, with confidence your business’s strengths and key selling points. It also helps identify, address, manage and present key risk areas in a favourable way before they are raised by a potential investor.

The report provides a platform on which to mitigate or anticipate points for negotiation, ensuring you have more control over the release of information, timetable and transaction.

The scope of work covers the key focus areas a potential investor will expect to see. The report provides an understanding of business issues, clarity on transaction issues and includes conclusions and tailored recommendations. 

An independent view ensures credibility is maintained, whilst supporting the value drivers of your business. 

The investor can rely on the vendor due diligence report by signing an accession letter, reducing the need for additional buy side due diligence. This frees up senior management time to focus on running the business rather than facilitating multiple investor due diligence requests. 

Why choose us?

Our transaction services advisory team has extensive, specialist sell side diligence experience. We have advised clients ranging from FTSE100 companies to entrepreneurial owner-managed businesses.  

Our partners and directors lead our transactions ‘hands-on’ from start to finish.

We are pragmatic and our vendor due diligence reports are recommendation, opinion and solution-based, and are well-regarded by both trade and institutional investors.

Through the provision of comprehensive and dynamic transaction data analytics dashboards alongside our report, we can provide deeper insight into the key value drivers of your business enhancing buyer appetite and valuation.

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