Alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution may be able to offer you a confidential and time-efficient way to resolve your dispute with HMRC. Discuss your situation with RSM’s experienced dispute resolution specialists to determine the right way to proceed.

If you have a dispute with HMRC that you have been unable to settle through negotiation, you may wish to consider using alternative dispute resolution (often abbreviated to ADR) rather than taking an appeal to the tax tribunal.

Under alternative dispute resolution, facilitators seek to help HMRC and the taxpayer reach a negotiated solution. Our specialists have experience in dealing with disputes this way, and we also liaised closely with HMRC through their alternative dispute resolution pilot.

The main advantages of using alternative dispute resolution are that it:

  • avoids costly litigation;
  • is time-efficient;
  • is a confidential process; and
  • allows the taxpayer and adviser to retain control, helps to plan for a possible tax tribunal hearing in the event an agreement cannot be reached. As a result, even if no agreement is reached, time has not been wasted.

Our experts can assist if you have a dispute with HMRC and are considering using the ADR process to try to resolve it. Please call us now on +44 (0)800 032 8374.