It’s not uncommon for taxpayers to identify historical discrepancies in their tax affairs that HMRC need to know about. By making a voluntary disclosure to HMRC, you may receive a more favourable outcome than if HMRC was to identify the issue.

Our tax dispute resolution experts can help you legalise your tax affairs, minimise penalties and make the most of the incentives to come forward and make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC.

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Digital disclosure service

HMRC now expects most tax disclosures to be made online using its Digital Disclosure Service (DDS). This is HMRC’s online portal for disclosures, which get sent directly to the relevant team within HMRC.

Currently the service is for disclosures of the following taxes:

  • Income Tax;
  • Capital Gains Tax;
  • National Insurance contributions; and
  • Corporation Tax

As part of the disclosure, taxpayers are required to self-assess their own tax liability and penalty exposure.

HMRC campaigns

HMRC often launches campaigns targeted at taxpayers with a particular source of income or operating within a specific industry. These are areas that HMRC views as having a high risk of non-compliance.

One of the most notable recent campaigns has been the Let Property Campaign for those who have undeclared rental profits. Disclosures under the Let Property Campaign are also submitted via the DDS and are processed by a dedicated team within HMRC.

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Within our team, we have chartered tax advisers and fully qualified HM Inspectors of Taxes who have significant experience in dealing with HMRC disclosures. We can help you understand your position and the best way to deal with any issues.

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