Global payroll and HR services

Managing a global workforce is a difficult task – not only do you have numerous local regulatory regimes to comply with, but you must also find a way to motivate and engage your staff who all operate within varied cultures and with differing, and sometimes competing, priorities. It is critical to get your payroll and corresponding HR function right. If either function fails, staff rapidly become demotivated and may look for a new employer. But how do you control a global payroll? How to you achieve visibility across your multiple operations and multiple jurisdictions?

Our payroll and HR service mobilises payroll specialists from across our RSM International network and beyond, all managed and overseen by a central point of contact in the UK with expertise not only in technical global payroll issues but also in process and deadline management.

Our role is to supervise your global payroll processes centrally using our online dashboard and reporting platform. This carries all your local payroll information and gives you direct access to your data. Your named central point of contact will ensure that the dataflows necessary to process payrolls are correct and unhindered. They will work with you to ensure that, if any issues arise, they are dealt with quickly and you are kept informed. 

Where you experience evolving management needs with your people, our strategic HR consultancy team can be utilised, with expertise in employee relations and generalist HR issues, in addition to projects such as global engagement strategies, organisational change and TUPE / redundancy interventions.

For more information how we can add value to your business, please contact David Gibbens.