Global VAT compliance

Complying with indirect tax obligations across multiple geographies can be hugely time consuming and can carry a high risk of missing deadlines, with the associated risks of penalties and interest.

Our centralised, UK-based VAT compliance team delivers VAT related and other returns across Europe and beyond, using a combination of experienced professionals, standardised process and our i-VAT technology tool.

RSM’s service offers a model that:

  • delivers control and visibility over global obligations;
  • manages the risk inherent with multiple compliance obligations;
  • tests the quality of transactional data from before and during preparation of your returns; and
  • offers insight into best practice and business improvement strategies, both centrally and in conjunction with our global RSM network.

You will have a single point of contact for your global VAT compliance. What's more, our team is primarily staffed with former in-house VAT specialists who can not only answer your questions but who will also spot opportunities for streamlining processes and rectifying any incorrect VAT treatment of day-to-day business transactions. Our aim is to be your indirect tax partner, not a remote commodity partner.

We will track progress with European VAT and other indirect tax returns through our co-located Project Management Office, giving a complete overview at a glance of VAT filing status and milestones.

For more information on how RSM can help you with your VAT compliance requirements, please contact Joost Willemsen

Temporary European VAT Reliefs

As the global economy faces massive uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tax authorities have announced VAT easements to help businesses.

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