Commercial legal services

Our commercial legal services are underpinned by one goal – to help you to maximise your business opportunities and facilitate growth whilst safeguarding the value and integrity of your brand.

Financial risk transfer, legal compliance, and effective risk management underpins every business transaction and relationship. We work with our Risk Assurance, HR, and Management Consulting teams to provide end-to-end solutions to our mid-market clients in all areas of their business: be it implementing GDPR compliance plans; driving efficiencies through the use of outsourced service providers; or developing, acquiring, deploying or exploiting new IP and technologies.

We help businesses to mitigate commercial risks through comprehensive and enforceable contracts, compliant policies, and pragmatic legal advice. We also work with our Tax colleagues to give effect to tax-driven commercial arrangements and joint ventures between group corporate entities. Our cohesive approach allows you to focus on managing your business, generating profits, and making the decisions that matter.

Our commercial legal services include:

  • helping clients to launch new products and services to the market;
  • helping clients to select and implement the best structure to incubate their aspiring business;
  • helping you to drive business growth through new and existing business relationships;
  • working with you to implement software and automation solutions that enhance business efficiency, improve operational accuracy, reduce costs, and directly impact your bottom line;
  • drafting and negotiating IT implementation agreements and other IT services agreements, including RPA software licensing and support agreements, SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS agreements, managed services and IT outsourcing agreements;
  • helping you to drive business growth through new and existing business relationships by drafting and negotiating research and development agreements, reseller, distribution, strategic alliance and teaming agreements;
  • helping you to manage supply chain risk, reduce operating costs, and increase margins; and
  • working with you to safeguard investment value in target acquisitions.

We can also help you to transition your policies, procedures, data sharing practices, data security and governance to comply with the new GDPR regime.

Our team offers notable experience enabling RPA, FinTech and Data Analytics initiatives.

Please contact our specialist team to find out how our service can help your business.

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