Operational excellence

Successful businesses and organisations constantly evolve, embracing continuous improvement of their offering to the market, be it price, quality, delivery, or indeed, all three.

The impetus for change

The fast-moving business environment of today rewards those businesses who adapt rapidly and punishes those who become complacent, or simply refuse to recognise when the game moves on. 

But change can cause discomfort and uncertainty. We recognise the need for a more sophisticated approach to continuous improvement. We know that change is not something done to organisations by deploying a set of tools. We engage with the people who make up your business and help them to create the continuous improvement culture and mechanism best for you.

Translating vision into action 

What separates teams that deliver projects on time, on budget and on quality from those that don’t? What is the factor that decides this distinction? The standard answers are often concepts of teamwork, technical capability, great leadership, a good system of governance and organisational behaviour. A more sophisticated view is that it’s a combination of these that transmutes ordinary people into superhuman teams. 

Our continuous improvement interventions are designed to deliver rapid and well-defined results. Whether it be a short cycle of Rapid Improvement Events or Kaizen bursts, or a structured transformation programme over months or even years, we can support you. Most of our senior practitioners are ex-Blue Chip executive leaders. We understand that following a recipe isn’t enough. Leadership coaching is delivered as the centrepiece throughout all of our interventions, leaving you with a legacy of well-trained and change orientated leaders of your own.

Contact Paul Dowell or Dean Simpson to find out more on how we can help you create the continuous improvement culture and mechanism best for you.