Management consulting

We help you manage change and transformation better - quicker, for less money, with greater impact and improved stakeholder confidence.

Organisations are now facing more change than ever before, but too many projects/programmes and transformation initiatives fail to deliver their benefits on time, on budget, and at an acceptable level of risk. 

Whether it is incremental change, step change or transformation, organisational success can depend on your capability to deliver the right change in the right way. 

How we help

We help by providing targeted assurance, advice and support for:

  • operational excellence (Lean);
  • projects;
  • programmes;
  • transformation;
  • portfolios;
  • PMOs; and
  • Target Operating Models. 

Contact Paul Dowell to find out more on how to boost your organisation’s capability to deliver your change better.

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What goes wrong on complex projects?

complex projects

Challenges for successful change within the NHS

Challenges for succesful change within the NHS

Supply chain resilience

Supply chain resilience is a priority for businesses that import or export. With lockdowns impacting the availability of key materials and Brexit impacting goods arriving and departing from the UK, discover how your business can focus on supply chain resilience.

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