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    RSM might not be able to predict the future, but we can make sure that you are prepared for whatever it brings. It's our job to help organisations, whether public or private sector, to rethink how they do business. Our skill is in delivering the tweaks or transformations that make organisations flexible enough to respond in this constantly changing world.

    So, whether you need to implement wholesale organisational change, ramp up productivity, get a better handle on your risks or improve decision making, RSM's experienced and hands-on consulting team can help. Working with you, we'll fix problem areas and anticipate issues, so you can do what you do more efficiently and effectively.

    Find out more about how consulting can help your organisation adapt to a rapidly changing market by clicking on the links below.

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    PRINCE2 project management - what are the features and benefits of the 2017 update?

    PRINCE2 is the most widely used project management method across the world. What are the features and benefits of the 2017 update which could help your organisation achieve better success in the delivery and management of your projects?

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    Private individuals

    Are your projects delivering as well as you predicted?

    When public sector projects go wrong we tend to hear about them. But what are the early warning signs of project failure and how can we avoid these?

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    Health matters 2

    How bridging procurement gaps in NHS trusts can deliver significant savings

    With increased pressure on NHS trusts to deliver savings, procurement functions are under more scrutiny than ever to translate buying and sourcing activity into real and sustainable benefits.

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    Sky scraper image

    Understanding the environmental liabilities you could face when buying or selling a business property

    If you are managing the sale or acquisition of a business or property there are some important questions to ask yourself in order to minimise your environmental liabilities and costs.

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    How quickly can you get your hands on relevant data to inform your decision-making?

    Organisations the world over are swimming in pools of data, but many waste the opportunity to marshal this data into understandable, insightful KPIs, with useful commentary, to make sure that management can measure success and implement corrections where required.

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    Real estate and construction

    PRINCE2 project management – can this be applied to the private sector?

    The new edition of PRINCE2 may now appeal more, and be better suited to, delivering projects within the private sector. In this article RSM looks at why this may be the case.

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    Recruit and retain

    Firing on all cylinders: powering middle market success

    The UK middle market is home to some of the world’s most dynamic and exciting businesses. Growth prospects look bright, but firms must overcome a number of challenges if they are to maximise opportunities. Here we delve into the biggest issues and provide practical solutions that ensure middle market firms always stay one step ahead.

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