Statutory Audit

By getting to know your business, our enthusiastic audit team will be able to apply our rigorous approach and deep knowledge to your circumstances.

A passion for audit is at the heart of the RSM business. Our audit staff are enthused about auditing and our clients enjoy our approach.

Committed to quality and value

Producing a quality statutory audit is of paramount importance, and the key tenets of our approach are:

  • understanding your business;
  • our rigorous internal quality assurance procedures; and 
  • our outstanding technical and marketplace knowledge.

A statutory audit should be worth the money you pay for it, and our approach is aimed at delivering this promise. 

Committed to clients

The audit marketplace is continuing to change and our stance is, and has always been, to ensure that regulation reform does not adversely affect you. We are committed to finding out what you think and surveying the business community at large.

Tailored audit approach

Our audit approach is founded on detailed risk assessments and corroborated analytical review which involves understanding what makes each individual business tick. We put robust and considered planning at the centre of our process, and involve the client at all stages.

We’ll assess the size and complexity of your business before we begin auditing. The audit of an owner-managed business is likely to focus on the risks associated with size and evolving management structures rather than complex accounting issues. The audit of a large listed entity is likely to focus on areas of risk arising from diversity in operations and complex transactions, which raise more complex accounting issues.

To audit or not to audit?

Not all businesses need a statutory audit but should you avoid auditors at all costs? If you are a growing business, or are considering a sale or flotation, an audit could help you ensure you have ‘all your ducks in a row’ in good time and are more appealing to investors. Alternatively, speak to us about other forms of assurance, including a non-statutory audit, which can help reassure stakeholders that your business is performing, that risks are being mitigated and that you’re complying with legislation. We would be delighted to discuss how we can help.


We present our annual review of our audit practice.

Transparency report 2021

Transparency report 2020

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