Automotive manufacturing

Automotive manufacturers face many challenges and we have automotive manufacturing specialists that can assist you to ensure you are best placed to face these challenges head on.

Automotive manufacturing

This is a time for great change within the Automotive manufacturing sector with significant challenges within the market as societies pursue a more sustainable future with a focus on reducing reliance on fossil fuels and single use items.

Coronavirus has brought significant challenges to tier 1 and 2 suppliers as OEM production lines have been shut down across the globe. The pandemic has impacted both supply and demand sides of the market, with the huge impact on the large manufacturers causing ripples all the way through the supply chain.

Alongside the coronavirus challenges there is significant change and innovation in developing new technologies and materials for use in automotive construction to improve recyclability and reduce weight and emissions within the vehicle and supply chain. The increasing environmental taxes, low emission and even no emission zones within cities is also driving demand for alternative fuel types including electric and hydrogen.

Our automotive team
RSM’s team of automotive specialists has experience in combatting these challenges and maximising the opportunities. Our experience in the automotive sector has been built up over many years by serving the needs of our automotive clients and providing proactive solutions to their compliance and business advisory requirements.

Our events
We ensure our events address the challenges facing the automotive industry, the largest of which are currently the lasting impact of coronavirus and the future of mobility, how people will travel in the future, and where the car will fit into this world. We provide valuable opportunities and insights to the industry through webinars and round table discussions that help to connect our automotive industry networks.

Our partnerships

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
We are members of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Our membership enables us to remain in touch with the issues that are most affecting motor businesses whether that be tackling emissions and improving air quality, developing new technologies, addressing the skills shortage or ensuring that the vehicles on our roads are as safe as possible.To watch our latest webinar with SMMT around the impact that coronavirus is having on the automotive industry please click here and fill in your details.

Gallagher Automotive
RSM works closely with Gallagher Automotive, which provides specialist insurance to vehicle and motorcycle dealerships covering property, road risks, liability, cyber and legal expenses.