Healthcare and social care consulting

Our team

Our healthcare and social care consulting team includes a range of specialists from health and social care professionals, economists, statisticians, analysts, policy/ strategy development, evaluators, and organisation development practitioners/ transformation specialists.

Our staff have worked in the NHS, local government, wider public and private sector, academia and consulting. The team has on average 10 plus years’ experience, with most staff having post graduate qualifications in related areas.

Our service lines

Programme and Policy Evaluation 

We have evaluated various programmes across new models of care, workforce transformation, technology interventions and chronic disease prevention for NHSE, PHE, CCGs, Trusts, local authorities, health-centred charities and private healthcare providers. Our team are experienced qualitative/ quantitative researchers, evaluators and economists. They have extensive networks including academics working in specialist health and social care fields; private sector operators working in diagnostics or new health technologies and links to health and social care professional bodies.

Data Analytics and Health Economics

Our expertise includes analytical modelling across health and care systems, which has supported key outcomes for healthcare organisations including improved evidenced based planning and decision making, and informed options and scenarios for alternative models as part of forward planning. Our methodology utilises a full range of qualitative measures and approaches alongside more quantitative modelling to ensure that insight from stakeholders is systematically captured, documented and built in at each stage of the process.

We have provided data analytics support to a range of clients in order to review population health needs and support. We have developed economic models to assess the cost-effectiveness and return on investment of healthcare interventions. We have significant experience in accessing and analysing data from health and care settings, including patients, primary, secondary, tertiary care and in delivering actionable insights. Data have been analysed to better understand the performance of health interventions on health outcomes and to gather evidence of the impact of initiatives.

Workforce Research and Transformation

We have worked for Local Authorities, CCGs, STPs, Private Healthcare organisations and Professional Bodies to review the supply and demand for health and social care skills and resources per region/ country and to develop strategies to enhance workforce across a range of professions, supported by workforce modelling. We also evaluate programmes in the area of Workforce Transformation. This has involved quantitative, qualitative research and modelling, leaving clients with clear and actionable insights and recommendations.

Organisational Development and Transformation

We have worked for a range of clients across the public and private sectors, developing cases for change and supporting the implementations through developing stakeholder engagement plans; revising processes, training and communications plans. We also specialise in knowledge transfer through active coaching and formative learning, ensuring our clients are equipped with the skills and expertise to support implementation, once we complete. 

Health and Social Care - Business Cases and Commercialisation

Our team have been involved in the development of business cases for new health investments- nationally and internationally. 

We use data to help clients understand the market opportunities for their products/ services. We link with RSM colleagues internationally to provide details on markets and competitors.

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Procurement Frameworks

We are approved providers on the following Frameworks: 

  • NHS accredited supplier list;
  • Elis;
  • CCS;
  • BEIS Research and Evaluation Framework; and
  • Management Consultancy Framework Two (MCF2) (RM6008).

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