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Transform your solution with an optimisation review from our dedicated NetSuite consultants

With two upgrades a year, NetSuite is an ever-evolving product. Rightly, your focus is on the business and day to day operations, but it’s easy to forget or find the time to adapt your system to your changing needs. Perhaps it has been some time since you implemented NetSuite and with increased functionality now available to your business, you feel there is greater benefit to be had from your NetSuite investment?

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NetSuite optimisation

Why should you consider a NetSuite optimisation review?

NetSuite optimisation

  • You’re unsure if you’re using NetSuite to it’s fullest potential
  • You’re looking for more automation to reduce manual data manipulation or remove manual processes
  • Your business needs have changed and/or you’re expanding
  • You haven’t achieved the benefits expected at implementation
  • You’re unsure about how to take advantage of new releases, or have seen some new functionality you’d like implementing
  • You believe your team would benefit from training

The business benefits of our NetSuite optimisation review service

NetSuite optimisation

Gain a greater insight into the possibilities available

Our NetSuite optimisation review is designed to be quick and efficient. At the end of the process you will gain insight into the cause of your system issues and understand exactly what you can practically do to remedy the situation in the short and long term.

NetSuite optimisation

See immediate improvements and efficiency gains

We deploy quick fixes as part of our service. This means that your current system issues are rapidly reduced and some of your pain points are alleviated, allowing your staff to focus on more value add activities. In addition, we will suggest process best practices and give recommendations for improvements.

NetSuite optimisation

More time to focus on achieving your business objectives

The purpose of our optimisation review is to reduce your NetSuite issues and to provide you with the clarity you need to take things forward. Working with an improved system enables your teams to focus on meeting your business goals, rather than tangling with an unruly system.

Why work with RSM to improve your NetSuite solution?

NetSuite optimisation

Our expertise

NetSuite optimisation

Business led

NetSuite optimisation

On-site presence

NetSuite optimisation

A collaborative approach

NetSuite optimisation

Sector expertise

Our individuals have a deep understanding of business processes, technical system knowledge, and project management experience. We draw on all of our collective implementation experiences to help you achieve the best outcome possible for any of your NetSuite initiatives.
Our team works with yours to understand your business, your strategy and based on our experiences, we provide constructive challenges in order to deliver the best approach for your NetSuite initiatives.
We believe that there is no better substitute to face to face communication. Our consultants will be onsite at your offices throughout the project, although we can be flexible on this to suit your needs.
We have an open, collaborative style – your staff will enjoy working with us. We work alongside your staff and place a strong emphasis on transferring knowledge to your people from the first to the last day.
As one of the largest business advisory firms in the UK, our consultants and sector experts can draw on expertise from a diverse range of sectors to build solutions tailored to your specific needs.

How our optimisation review service works

NetSuite optimisation

1. We undertake a NetSuite review and conduct workshops with your team

After reviewing your system documentation we will run a series of workshops with your team to identify your pain points and to better understand your business and vision. We will also analyse your current system configuration to allow our experienced consultants to gain an insight into the root cause of some of your issues.

NetSuite optimisation

2. We provide a report detailing our recommendations and practical advice to address your pain points

We produce a report identifying the issues with your system. We recommend solutions to your pain points through use of new or existing functionality, re-configuration or customisation. We will also make suggestions around training, process redesign and other improvements which could benefit your organisation.

NetSuite optimisation

3. We deploy the agreed quick fixes, and define a roadmap for remaining improvements

Our NetSuite experts work with you to prioritise and deliver agreed quick win improvements and provide all the necessary support and guidance to enable you to see immediate results. As part of our service, we also collaborate with you to develop a high level deployment plan for the remaining fixes identified.

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Examples of optimisation work we've recently undertaken

NetSuite optimisation

Review of chart of accounts and reporting

NetSuite optimisation

Supply chain optimisation review

NetSuite optimisation

Procurement optimisation review

NetSuite optimisation

Global payment consolidation

This review of the chart of accounts structure and local reporting configuration to assist with French compliance regulations resulted in the removal of the local financial system. This saved the client time spent on duplicate data entry and also system maintenance costs.
This review provided the client with significantly improved efficiency of their inbound order processing from retailers – improving both time to process and SKU mapping accuracy.
This procurement optimisation review resulted in the client automating their purchasing process by gaining on-system approval and audit trail capabilities - saving significant time within the procurement process.
Our global payment consolidation work resulted in the client generating over 30 global payment files through NetSuite. These were directly integrated with their preferred banking partner – saving days in payment processing and increasing the security of their payment transfer.

Just some of RSM's NetSuite awards and accreditations

NetSuite optimisation
NetSuite optimisation
NetSuite optimisation
NetSuite optimisation
NetSuite optimisation
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