4action™: Enabling you to better manage your business actions and recommendations

Supported by one of the largest business advisory firms in the UK and used widely across the public and private sector

is a customisable and powerful action tracking software tool that gives individuals the ability to update the status of actions and tasks that they have been allocated responsibility for by management. This helps ensure that the action status always reflects a real time position. 4action™ is mobile friendly and works on iOS and Android devices.

Through the use of 4action™ organisations have significantly improved the visibility of agreed actions, increased the accountability of action owners and made significant savings in reporting.

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Key features of the 4action™ action tracking software

4action full audit trail

Providing managers with a full audit trail of all assigned actions and tasks

4action™ enables you to record all updates to any assigned tasks and provides a comprehensive audit trail of the progress of individuals’ actions and tasks. These can be accessed through a simple click of the interface. 

4action extensive dashboards

Extensive dashboards enable you to easily identify areas of weakness

4action™’s dashboard gives management a complete overview of the status of all actions across the entire organisation. Users are able to interact directly with this interface in order to drill down to the level of each individual action. Customisable dashboard ensure that different users only see information relevant to them.

4action breakdown audit actions

Break your actions down into stages and assign them to different users

Sub-tasks can be attached to actions allowing them to be broken down into smaller parts and assigned to a range of different users. These stages also have time management and progress tracking enabling users to easily monitor progress.


QuoteThrough the use of 4action we have improved significantly the implementation of recommendations from audit and incident reports, providing further assurance to the Board.

Coleg Cambria


4action Powerful reporting

Powerful reporting functionality shows your organisational status in realtime

4action™ features realtime onscreen reporting with the option to print. The interface makes sure reporting is relevant and actionable and allows further investigation by drilling down to see the underlying detail. Reports can be run not only to show the current status of actions - but to reflect a position at any given historic date.

4action track assigned actions

Users can easily track their assigned actions and tasks through a simple interface

4action™ administrators can easily assign actions and tasks to a user’s work queue. The user will be presented with a workflow screen showing all of their assigned actions and tasks and the current status of each. The user can drill right down to a detailed view of the action or task required of them via a few simple clicks. 

4action email reminders

Automatic email reminders prompt your users to update the status of their assigned actions

The software has flexible and tailorable notifications for administrators and action owners. The notification bell signifies to the user of any actions requiring attention. Email notifications can automatically be sent per action or together in an email digest. 


What our clients are saying about 4action™ and our Insight4GRC software suite

Slough Borough Council
4risk Brunel
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'We have used 4risk and 4action for a couple of years now. Both systems are easily configurable to meet our requirements. Users like the systems because they are easy to use and logical.'

Phil Brown, Risk and Insurance Officer, Slough Borough Council

'4Risk and 4Action have been a very good investment. The most important feature of the tool is that it provides a repository for all risk management activities and internal audit monitoring.' 

Dr Rosa Scoble, Director of Planning, Brunel University London

'At ERMG we were looking for a system that would help us manage key operational business activities in one suite. We believe that the insight4GRC platform has the capabilities and capacity to help take our business forward.

Richard Mackie, Head of Strategy, ERMG

Why choose RSM and 4action™ to help manage your action tracking?

Insight4grc risk managers

Not just software: We are qualified and highly experienced risk management practitioners

RSM is one of the largest providers of risk management advisory services in the UK. We work with over 650 clients across all sectors and understand, and can address, the challenges that organisations face.

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Insight4grc dedicated support desk

Your risk solution is backed by full training and a dedicated support and help desk

The 4action™ software includes consultancy support to set up your system and to ensure that it meets your organisational needs. We also provide full training, all software upgrades and access to our dedicated help desk. 

Insight4grc client care panel

An extensive client care program including user forums and roundtables with other users

We are here to support you and to ensure you get the most value from our software. We are dedicated to providing an accessible, friendly and experienced contact to engage with during the year, whether it be through six monthly review meetings or when meeting other user of the platform.

Insight4GRC Overview

4action™ is part of the Insight4GRC governance, risk and compliance software suite

Insight4GRC Overview

Insight4GRC™ is a cost effective governance, risk and compliance software (GRC) suite in use by over 250 clients across the private, public and third sectors as well as a large number of central government departments and agencies.

The suite of modules provides management teams with the tools needed to monitor and control performance, assess organisational risks, track assigned actions, enable employee awareness and facilitate company policy acceptance.

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