A simple and cost effective cloud based risk management software providing you with a full picture of your organisation’s risk, controls and assurance environment in real time.

The 4risk™ risk management software: Making risk and assurance management more efficient and effective

Supported by one of the largest business advisory firms in the UK

If not properly managed, enterprise-wide risk management can be an organisational and administrative headache that fails to deliver real benefits to your organisation. 4risk™ is a powerful, yet easy to use risk management platform that provides you with a complete picture of your organisation’s risk, mitigation and assurance profile enabling the establishment of enterprise-wide risk management. 

With features such as the ability to quickly formulate actions plans, identify assurance gaps, record your residual risks and even utilise our risks and measures, 4risk™ provides you with a cost effect solution to the management your risk and assurance requirements - no matter the size of your organisation or number of locations. 

Key features of the 4risk™ risk management platform

  • Extensive dashboard reporting
  • Intuitive interface
  • Assurance mapping facilities
  • Powerful action tracking
  • Email alerts
  • Flexible risk report builder

Extensive dashboard reporting

Configurable dashboards can be set up for your users to provide them with an instant picture of their risks, controls, assurance and actions. Clickable, interactive charts allow users to drill right down into the sub-data to provide them with greater detail and insight.

Intuitive interface

4risk™ uses a logical approach to data entry, enabling information to be entered and updated quickly and easily. The interface will reflect the specific user profile dependent upon the users needs and role.

Assurance mapping facilities

4risk™ allows your organisation to not only detail the controls relied upon to reduce risk – but also to map the sources of assurance. In addition, you can also attach a RAG rating (or any other colour combination) to each assurance level – giving you even greater control.

Powerful action tracking

4risk™ has an action tracking facility for when your organisation needs to take further action to reduce a risk, improve control or obtain assurance. The status of the organisation’s actions can be tracked and reported through the dashboard or by using the powerful report building facilities.

Email alerts

4risk™ has the capability to issue automatic reminder emails to the owners of risks, controls, assurances and actions to ensure they are prompted to undertake updates and reviews. The software maintains a full audit trail of all interactions with the system.

Flexible risk report builder

Alongside standard reports, 4risk™’s report building facility allows bespoke reports to be developed to meet your exact reporting requirements, allowing them to be amended, saved and reconfigured quickly as and when required. Reports can be output in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF formats.

Why choose RSM and 4Risk™ to help manage your requirements?

Not just software: We are qualified and highly experienced risk management practitioners
RSM is one of the largest providers of risk management advisory services in the UK. We work with over 650 clients across all sectors and understand, and can address, the challenges that organisations face.

Insight4grc dedicated support desk 
The 4risk™ software includes consultancy support to set up your risk management system and to ensure that it meets your organisational needs. We also provide full training, all software upgrades and access to our dedicated help desk.
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We are here to support you and to ensure you get the most value from our software. We are dedicated to providing an accessible, friendly and experienced contact to engage with during the year, whether it be through six monthly review meetings or when meeting other user of the platform.

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4risk™ is part of the Insight4GRC software suite. Other modules include:


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