Simon is a business advisory partner who works with fast growing and established SMEs particularly focusing on the technology, property and recruitment sectors.

Simon looks to understand the aspirations of those behind the businesses he acts for and the current challenges their businesses face. Armed with this knowledge, he uses a structured and road tested framework to assist them in constructing their strategy to achieve long term-term growth and profitability.

He has over 15 years’ experience in advising businesses on financial reporting, company structuring (including rewarding key employees and raising early stage investment capital) and internal systems improvements.

Simon is passionate about utilizing the latest cloud based technology as a means of creating internal efficiencies for businesses and has in a previous role developed a bespoke cloud based offering for fast growing businesses. He believes that by maximizing automation in a business more time and resources can be focused on achieving the organizations strategic objectives – this is where RSM can really add value to a client’s business and personal affairs.