Mark has been employed in tax for all his working life, firstly with the Inland Revenue (now HMRC) and now in private practice for 30+ years. During his career he has encountered a vast array of clients and their differing circumstances. Because of this he can readily empathise with them to understand what is required and seek the relevant solutions to their problems.

He is currently part of the RSM UK Employer Solutions team, with experience of guiding clients through HMRC PAYE enquiries (audits), for both international assignment schemes and regular UK employers.

He deals with employees, individual company directors and senior executives on a bespoke personal basis.

Mark also plays a part in the UK tax affairs of internationally mobile private clients. With particular regard to the implications of double taxation agreements between countries and their effect on the clients UK tax position.

Mark has liaised with other RSM network member firms since 2006, when a predecessor firm initially joined the network.