John specialises in exit strategy, transaction readiness, and selling companies. John is also a non-executive director of a trading company and provides strategic board insight into business strategy and both organic and acquisitive growth initiatives. John continuously delivers exceptional results for his clients who are always prepared to endorse his work and achievements, as a result.

John lives an outdoorsy lifestyle and can often be found out on the fells. John combines this lifestyle with a passion for travel, having experienced over 100 countries and cultures.

John says, "I work with clients in order to maximise their exit value commensurate with finding the right investment partner who will nurture, sustain and grow their business legacy."

Favourite thing about RSM

"With a strong learning culture, RSM is well-placed to be a positive disruptor in the corporate finance market and to deliver exceptional results for clients."

John’s RSM timeline:

  • 2013: joined RSM as an M&A Partner

Deal case studies: