Andrew is a partner in RSM’s Private Client Tax team based in London. He specialises in advising individuals and families on how to structure their affairs, with particular focus on international matters. Andrew’s practice ranges from helping parents work out how to provide for their children financially, individuals relocating to or from the UK, to providing complex technical advice to international trustees involving multiple legal jurisdictions.

Prior to Joining RSM as a partner in 2016, Andrew spend 14 years at the Royal Bank of Canada, where he was co-head of the bank’s UK tax advisory team.

Andrew believes that good communication and clear explanation is at the heart of any effective structuring project, and that it is important to stay focused on what really matters.

Andrew explains his philosophy as being:

"My job is to provide long-term solutions, explain them clearly, and make sure that they work in the real world. It’s not really a solution at all if it’s too complicated to understand or if clients are left worried about being challenged, – and that could include brand and reputational damage as well as tax authority investigation."

Outside the office Andrew enjoys theatre, museum and galleries, with a particular love of ancient history and modern art. He is co-owned by three cats.