Alex Milne

Alex Milne Corporate Finance Partner

Alex is a corporate finance partner in RSM’s due diligence team, specialising in both UK and cross-border transactions advising corporate and private equity clients.  Sectors of focus include events management, telecoms, software and manufacturing.

Alex primarily leads buy-side due diligence projects for a variety of corporate and private equity clients; but his experience also includes working on a variety of sell-side transactions.

He prides himself on developing a deep understanding of his clients and their business, to provide pointed, clear and trusted recommendations from his work, underpinning significant investment decisions.  Many of his clients see him as an extension of their own team, and a trusted adviser.

Alex is based in the Southern region primarily covering the South East of the UK, spending time across the region but mainly in Southampton and Gatwick.

He has worked as part of RSM since 2008, and has over 12 years of experience working in due diligence.

In addition to working with on deals in the UK, he has also worked extensively on cross-border deals in the last 5 years and has advised his clients on deals in USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Indonesia, France, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Malta and others.

Alex’s experience ranges across a broad spectrum of sectors but he has extensive specialist experience in: events / exhibitions (over 25 deals in the past 5 years); telecoms; software; and manufacturing / industrials.

Financial due diligence is a key part of any transaction and his role is to highlight key risks, value considerations and clear post-deal recommendations to his clients.  Alex also believes a key part of his role is to get the best from the other side; all too often the experience of due diligence can be bruising to a selling management team.  The requirement for a pragmatic approach and a “friendly face” as part of due diligence is often underappreciated when looking to reach a successful conclusion, especially when that management team are a key part of the business going forwards.  This is a key part of how he approaches his transactions, often generating significant goodwill and value during the process to the benefit of his clients.

Outside of work he enjoys spending time at home or travelling with his wife, walking their dog, and cooking outdoors over fire on one of his (many) barbecues!