Prior to a merger and acquisition, it’s crucial to understand how your organisation will be impacted from a regulatory point of view. Regulatory powers are ever-expanding, meaning that activities previously out of scope may now need authorisation.

Our regulatory due diligence reviews give you clarity on whether your organisation has the required authorisation and a clear understanding of the target firm’s risk and compliance environment. Our reviews provide a high level of detail, enabling you to assess whether a target firm is effectively managing its risks and has appropriate control mechanisms in place to ensure those risks do not materialise. Ultimately, they help you identify and quantify the risks that could impact your business’s ongoing commercial viability.

We have a strong reputation in identifying and reviewing regulatory risks across financial services firms. Our experienced financial services risk and regulation team reviews the following areas:

  • current organisation structure;
  • risk and compliance functions;
  • three lines of defence risk model;
  • whether the firm has appropriate resources and the skillset to perform its regulatory duty;
  • the governance structure and allocation of responsibilities;
  • compliance policies and procedures;
  • control frameworks;
  • oversight activities and management information;
  • use of technology and systems;
  • oversight of third parties; and
  • company culture.

If you would like to find out more about our Regulatory Due Diligence services, please contact Paul Jennings or Catherine Brittain.