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Government announcements | Brexit

25 February 2021

Brexit decisions are changing almost daily – explore the most up to date, topical announcements which might impact your business and people here.

Essential 6: Economic updates
Simon Hart

10 February 2021

Watch our series of regularly recorded 6 minute economic update essentials from Simon Hart, lead International partner at RSM UK and Joe Brusuleas, chief economist at RSM US.

Supply chain risk management – the practical steps

09 February 2021

What practical steps can you take to mitigate supply chain risks and how can you react to disruption? We explore a few possible scenarios and the options at your disposal to put together your supply chain risk management strategy.

Monitoring your key supply chain risks

09 February 2021

The world is changing quickly and businesses need to remain one step ahead. Regularly conducting a supply chain risk assessment will ensure minimal disruption to operations. What measures can you take and what technology is available to help you along the way?

Understanding your key supply chain risks

09 February 2021

Understanding your supply chain risks is the first step to minimising the impact that they might have on your business. Develop your understanding of the key risks that might impact your business through a strategic review of your operations.

UK and global economic trade briefing

02 February 2021

Simon Hart, International Partner, and RSM US Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas update us on the state of the global economy and share their thoughts on planning for the way forward for middle market leaders.

Critical business dynamics for leaders

02 February 2021

Head of Transactions Kirsty Sandwell explains what every business leader should focus on to prepare for the longer-term challenges ahead.

The changing face of business leadership

02 February 2021

Claire Leece, Regional Audit Managing Partner, hosts a panel discussion on the changing role of the business leader. CEO Rob Donaldson and guests discuss evolving expectations and how to meet them.

Business Leaders’ Summit 2021 : In Review

28 January 2021

At the inaugural Business Leaders’ Summit on Thursday 28 January 2021, RSM specialists unpicked the unique challenge facing the UK’s middle market in 2021.

Brexit, VAT and the Northern Ireland protocol

20 November 2020

We summarise HMRC's recent guidance on the VAT treatment of the Northern Ireland protocol.