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FRC reviewing company report and accounts
Frederic Larquetoux

02 March 2018

In 2018/19 the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) aims to write to a number of companies (prior to their year-end) informing them that it will review their next published reports and accounts. Every year the FRC performs a series of thematic reviews on specific aspects of corporate reports where there is particular shareholder interest or scope for improvement and sharing good practice.

Offshore trusts, domicile status and remittances basis
Rachel de Souza

01 March 2018

Rebasing and cleansing are two new reliefs which have been introduced for non domiciled individuals. This follows last year’s developments regarding UK tax liability on worldwide income, gains and assets.

Overview of private client compass
Gary Heynes

01 March 2018

We are delighted to launch the latest edition of private client compass. In this year’s publication and videos we present a range of common scenarios for things like succession planning, property ownership, for people in business or for international aspects of private client.

Tax efficient investments
Karen Clark

01 March 2018

Generous tax reliefs are available through the use of individual savings accounts and through investment in private companies.

Cash extraction
Chris Etherington

01 March 2018

Extracting cash from businesses is often something clients need advice on. But as a costly exercise are you choosing the best option?

A snow bomb, employee absence and the question of pay
Kerri Constable

The recent adverse weather conditions have highlighted to many employers the difficulties some their workers had getting into work. This has prompted a number of questions from managers and business owners about whether workers who do not attend are entitled to receive pay.

Pensions fraud: time to act
Ian Bell

27 February 2018

The pensions sector is facing more and more challenges in relation to fraud than ever before. In our latest survey we asked key pensions industry professionals for their thoughts on the subject of fraud and the actions that they have been taking to reduce risks.

Changing terms of employment when buying a business or providing outsourced services

27 February 2018

If you are buying or selling a business or outsourcing or insourcing a service, you should have come across TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006).

IFRS 15: action needed for 2017/18 annual reports
Louise Ward

22 February 2018

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is expecting 2017/18 annual reports to provide clear disclosures setting out the likely impact and key judgements on adoption of IFRS 15. For listed entities, the adoption of IFRS 15 will require reporting of their 2018/19 interim results under the new revenue standard.

Using keyboard shortcuts in date fields

19 February 2018

In this video, we look at the ways in which keyboard shortcuts can be used to speed up data entry into date fields in NetSuite.