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Are consumer businesses thinking about a policy which empowers employees to operate transparently? Our research suggests not

15 June 2018

If employees do not have a safe, and independent way of raising and escalating concerns, organisations run the risk of either a high-profile scandal, or risk damaging activity left unreported.

The consumer sector is now thinking beyond the balance sheet – what is your business doing about it?

15 June 2018

Our most recent research with YouGov showed that 55 per cent of consumer organisations viewed compliance with non-financial reporting requirements as an excessive or demanding pull on resources.

The consumer sector is not immune to tax evasion, money laundering or bribery, so what should Boards be thinking about?

15 June 2018

For the consumer sector with global supply chains and third-party networks, the risk of illegal or suspicious activity is considerably higher.

Is the travel and tourism market taking modern slavery as seriously as it should be?

15 June 2018

Modern slavery is an issue all sectors should be battling – but there is considerable risk across the consumer sector because of the global nature of supply chains.

Does the consumer sector have a problem with equality and diversity?

15 June 2018

The rising profile of equality and diversity in the press has gained traction in recent years, and quite rightly, but the spotlight has been turned on over the last 12 months.

Balancing your business
Kerri Constable

14 June 2018

53% of financial services firms recently polled in our YouGov monitor agreed that having a diverse workforce helped them better understand all consumer needs. Looking across the market, many FS firms are asking ‘are we saying the right thing? Or ‘is what’s meant to be a step forward going to backfire?’.

Cerberus Security - a secure route to exit
Steve Hubbard

08 June 2018

RSM’s corporate finance team has advised on the sale of Cerberus Security and Monitoring Services Limited (Cerberus) to The Clearway Group Limited (Clearway). RSM led the transaction on behalf of the vendor, providing financial and tax advice on the deal structure, negotiating all aspects of the deal terms and project managing the transaction to completion.

IFRS 9 and IFRS 15 – are you ready for your interim statements?
Louise Ward

08 June 2018

IFRS 9 financial instruments and IFRS 15 revenue from contracts with customers are effective from 1 January 2018 and interim statement reporting is fast approaching. In your interim statements you will need to account for both revenue and financial instruments in accordance with the new requirements of both standards.

A good working plan ready in time for Brexit Britain?
Carolyn Brown

07 June 2018

The Government’s response to the Taylor Review was published in February 2018 and, whilst it was welcomed by the report's author, there seems a long way to go before real change is effected and the timing of such change may collide with Brexit activity. RSM’s Carolyn Brown reviews the current state of progress.

Mark Holland

RSM holds regular employment focused events at our offices around the UK.