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A gift aid health warning

12 December 2017

We have recently come across an arrangement for providing laptops to school pupils that purports to be eligible for gift aid but could result in an unwelcome surprise.

The fine line of a fair dismissal

12 December 2017

All schools must make staff changes but it’s vital to achieve fairness when terminating employment so that the claim risk can be contained.

Termination payments

12 December 2017

When considering the tax treatment of a payment in relation to a termination of employment, it cannot be assumed that the £30,000 ‘termination payment exemption’ applies.

Are employers now liable for rogue employees’ data protection breaches?
Carolyn Brown

12 December 2017

Morrisons’ case confirms employers can be held liable for rogue employees’ data protection breaches. Read more to find out how you can minimise the risks to your organisation.

Take extra care with employee living accommodation
Lee Knight

12 December 2017

We are seeing increased numbers of employees being caught out by missing or incorrectly reporting employee living accommodation benefits. Here we look at what employers should consider, to ensure correct employment tax and NIC treatment is applied.

Easement for RTI penalties continues
Mark Holland

12 December 2017

HMRC have continued their easement for Real Time Information (RTI) submission, here we give an update on the penalties for late payroll information reporting.

Managing staff holidays at Christmas
Steve Sweetlove

12 December 2017

The festive period can bring a range of HR challenges for any sized organisation. One of the main challenges is how to effectively manage annual leave. Here we look at how to ensure an organisation has sufficient cover and staff engagement is maintained.

Ponzi schemes - Modern evolution of old-style fraud
Scott Loughton

11 December 2017

We have recently identified new and updated variations on a well-worn variety of “Ponzi” scheme fraud.

Recruit, retain, protect: how to attract talent in a competitive market
Steve Sweetlove

11 December 2017

It’s never been more important to hire the right people. In an uncertain and competitive landscape, skilled employees will help your organisation confidently navigate change, stay flexible and emerge from market shocks relatively unscathed.

Teaching excellence framework – analysis of provider submissions
Lisa Randall

05 December 2017

Following publication of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) outcomes we have undertaken analysis of provider submissions. Read the full report.