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Tax voice March 2018

15 March 2018

Prove it or lose it - wealth confiscation powers

15 March 2018

Anyone might think that London is awash with ‘dodgy’ money. But is this true? The UK government has not been particularly vocal about the measures it has put in place over the last few years to tackle ill-gotten gains being enjoyed in the UK, but there are many of them.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Impact on IFRS tax accounting

15 March 2018

Sweeping US tax reforms designed to stimulate the economy and create jobs were signed into law by Donald Trump on 22 December 2017. These reforms are known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and represent the first major overhaul of the US tax system in 30 years.

Fallout from the Carillion liquidation

15 March 2018

Construction giant Carillion has gone into liquidation. Its reported 30,000 sub-contractors are likely to receive nothing from the Official Receiver and might now find themselves in financial difficulties. Payments of VAT, payroll taxes and corporation tax must still be made, which can be difficult to fund when an important large customer has failed.

The EU is investigating the UK’s VAT treatment of commodity derivatives trades
John Forth

The EU Commission has confirmed that it is commencing infraction proceedings against the UK in respect of trading in certain commodity derivatives. At present transactions in relation to commodity derivatives including spot trades, futures and options benefit from a VAT zero rate under what is referred to as the Terminal Markets Order (TMO).

Spotlight on India: red tape out, red carpet in
Suneel Gupta

12 March 2018

As India asserts its position on the world stage, prime minister Modi is rolling out the carpet for international businesses. A series of reforms offer a golden opportunity for investment, but how can businesses ensure they get it right?

Health of the social housing sector 2018
Keith Ward

12 March 2018

Our survey findings report provides a valuable insight into the social housing sector, showing how the sector has evolved and what challenges registered providers (RPs) can expect to face over the next 12 months. The survey represents the views of 100 respondents, working in the sector, from across the UK.

Funding and functionality: the ongoing challenges of charity finance
Karen Spears

08 March 2018

The majority of charities have managed to come through a tough decade, if not unscathed, certainly unbowed but the potential hurdles they face over the next one are lining up. These include data protection rules, increased regulation of fundraising, renewed focus on governance standards and Brexit, to name but a few.

The RSM standby service
Damian Webb

07 March 2018

Late last week Collateral, the Manchester based peer to peer lender entered into Administration with an estimated £21m of investor money at risk. It appears there were regulatory issues which led to the loss of their interim permission from the FCA. The failure illustrates the importance of on-going compliance for platforms and the potential risks to investors of investing in this nascent sector.

FRC guidance on Board reporting obligations
Danielle Stewart OBE

06 March 2018

The Financial Reporting Council has issued some guidance for the Boards of companies in the construction and business support services sectors, to remind them of their reporting obligations. This guidance has been written for these sectors in the wake of the collapse of Carillion, however the guidance is equally relevant to all companies.