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Note of a roundtable arranged by the Public Interest Committee of RSM Audit UK at 25 Farringdon Street on 30 January 2017
Tom McMorrow

02 February 2017

There was a wide and free ranging discussion on the role of audit arising from the paper, ‘Audit in the Middle Market: The public interest: responsibilities, proportionality & incentives’.

Pub and restaurant groups see sales slip back in May

15 June 2017

Britain’s managed pub and restaurant market experienced a dip in trading in May, with operators recording collective like-for-like sales down 0.4 per cent compared to the same month last year, latest figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker show.

The 21st century workforce

14 June 2017

The workplace is changing. Agile working, family friendly working, zero hours contracts, the gig economy – all new but now familiar concepts. In light of the Taylor Review, released 11 July 2017, it is critical that businesses understand the implications for their workforce.

Charity fraud and bribery resilience review
Nick Sladden

13 June 2017

Are you confident that you have the appropriate assurance processes in place to see if fraud is occurring in your charity? To help you assess the effectiveness of your current processes we have developed a new service.

FCA and PRA regulatory reference rules
David Fenton

13 June 2017

From 7 March 2017, the FCA placed a duty on all full scope regulatory reference firms (mainly banks, building societies and insurers) currently part of either the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) or Senior Insurance Managers Regime (SMIR) (relevant firms) to ensure that certain staff, including contingent workers or volunteers, meet the fit and proper regulatory standard.

Neither strong, nor stable...
Rob Donaldson

12 June 2017

After an abysmal campaign by the Conservatives (Scotland excepted) and a surprisingly disciplined one (by recent standards anyway) from Labour, Theresa May has, at best, a precarious grip on power.

PRINCE2 project management - what are the features and benefits of the 2017 update?
Nigel Bennett

12 June 2017

PRINCE2 is the most widely used project management method across the world. What are the features and benefits of the 2017 update which could help your organisation achieve better success in the delivery and management of your projects?

Preparing your business for an exit

11 June 2017

When selling a business, preparation is critical. Discover the steps you should take to win investor confidence and top tax tips that will help you to maximise cash on exit.

Preparation is everything

11 June 2017

A business sale is a one-off opportunity to crystallise the value that owners have invested over the years, often a generation. It is critical to get it right.

Get ready for due diligence

11 June 2017

Due diligence is a critical element of most business sales. Buyers will always want confidence that they understand the risks and rewards of the business they are buying. If there are surprises, it will give them a chance to chip away at the sale value or potentially walk away from the deal altogether.