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The benefits of implementing a digital strategy in social housing
Steve Lyon

26 June 2017

Our 2017 health of the sector survey showed technology updates are the number one focus as RPs and RSLs seek to find efficiencies, improve organisational effectiveness and enhance services for staff and tenants.

MTD penalty regime must be simple, fair and effective

21 June 2017

HMRC last week closed a consultation which sets out its proposals for new sanctions for the late submission of returns and late payment of tax under the forthcoming Making Tax Digital (MTD) regime. A number of options are being considered but fundamentally, HMRC must ensure that the new regime acts as an effective deterrent, is simple and fair to all taxpayers.

Weekly tax brief - 21 June 2017

21 June 2017

In this week’s tax brief, we examine the tax implications of the Queen’s speech, particularly for non-doms and Making Tax Digital. We call on the government to introduce reliefs for tax filing software, we expose HMRC’s double standards when it comes to the clarity of its guidance, and recommend a new approach for tax penalties. Plus – the legal ruling on the disparity in the application of VAT across the different nations of the UK:

The tax implications of the Queen's speech

21 June 2017

The accompanying notes to the Queen’s speech promise three finance bills over the course of this parliament to implement Budget decisions. A key unanswered question is what can we expect from the Summer Finance Bill 2017. It is to be hoped this will include detailed measures in respect of individuals who are not domiciled in the UK, and in respect of HMRC's project to make tax digital.

Give individuals tax relief for self-assessment software costs

21 June 2017

Making Tax Digital will affect individuals and businesses. Extra software will be required to file returns and maintain digital records, and HMRC will not guarantee the availability of free software. Businesses will get tax relief for the costs of new software, but individual taxpayers will not. This is manifestly unjust so we urge HM government to ensure that tax relief is available for citizens who incur extra costs in meeting their tax obligations online.

The devolution of VAT distortion

21 June 2017

A recent tax tribunal ruling has determined that the devolution of laws on social care regulation has created discrimination – in breach of EU VAT law – in the VAT treatment of private day care services providers between the different constituent parts of the United Kingdom. On leaving the EU, the UK will no longer be subject to compliance with EU VAT law, but nevertheless, we cannot continue to have disparity between the unitary application of taxation and devolved competencies.

HMRC guidance lacking clarity

21 June 2017

Two recent tribunal cases have highlighted problems with the phrasing of HMRC guidance and the difficulties which it can cause for taxpayers. If HMRC rightly expects taxpayers to take reasonable care in filing their returns, isn’t it reasonable to expect HMRC to take the same level of care in the guidance notes they provide?

A post-Brexit workforce                 

21 June 2017

What steps should companies take to prepare their employees?

VAT horizons
Ian Carpenter

20 June 2017

The VAT horizon brochure looks at how early awareness of significant VAT changes can help businesses consider whether their current systems and review processes will cope with the proposed changes in the next two years.

Audit in the middle market: The public interest: responsibilities, proportionality, & incentives
Tom McMorrow

05 December 2016

This article, written by the Public Interest Committee of RSM UK Audit LLP, looks at how audit in the middle market currently serves the public interest and how it might evolve.