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Tech trends to watch out for in 2017
Richard Heap

15 December 2016

Which tech trends should you look out for in 2017? How will robots change our lives? Will a private company get a human into space? And how will organisations meet the cyber security challenge?

The health of the social housing sector in 2017

19 December 2016

Over the last 10 years, our survey has assessed the impact of the changing economic and regulatory conditions within the social housing sector.

Tax voice - December 2016

17 December 2016

Welcome to December's edition of tax voice, a monthly round-up of the most important tax news.

Should you incorporate your property portfolio?

17 December 2016

We are often approached by clients looking to incorporate their property portfolios to reduce the tax payable – but what are the pitfalls?

HMRC focus on income and assets abroad

17 December 2016

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement 2016 proudly announced the UK’s tax gap is one of the lowest in the world and that the UK has been at the forefront of bringing about a step change in international tax transparency.

HMRC expands its high net worth individuals criterion

17 December 2016

HMRC’s high net worth unit is gradually expanding its definition of who needs special attention. Will it end happily?

Global trading tax changes impact SMEs too

17 December 2016

Small and medium sized businesses trading internationally need to be aware of a major new risk of triggering overseas tax liabilities.

Simplification of the corporation tax computation

17 December 2016

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has published a progress report on its work regarding the simplification of the corporation tax computation.

Steering you through a contentious insolvency case
Mark Wilson

16 December 2016

Do you suspect a fraud has occurred or you are struggling to secure a payment? We have broken down a typical insolvency investigation case into four stages to help steer you through.

Can you demonstrate that your policies are being read and understood?
Matthew Humphrey

15 December 2016

Effective and accessible policies and procedures form an important part of good governance but how does an organisation know its policies are being read, understood and complied with?