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Managing the risk of the requirement to correct

06 January 2017

Under the proposed legislation, those with a UK tax liability relating to offshore income or assets, will have to ensure that their offshore tax affairs are up to date and fully compliant in the UK.

Non-doms: time is running out

06 January 2017

The government has released further details, including draft legislation, on the changes to the taxation of non-doms and has confirmed that these will go ahead from April 2017, despite the new draft rules being incomplete, and with less than four months left until their effective date.

Maintaining business operations in adverse weather
Nicki Barnes

As we enter January there is an increasing possibility of snow and severe weather which means disruptions to the roads and to public transport. For employers this may result in employees facing difficulties getting to work and returning home, often resulting in unplanned major disruption to business operations.

Weekly tax brief 5 January 2017

05 January 2017

In this edition of RSM’s weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we cover the latest developments.

Protecting the innocent (taxpayer)

05 January 2017

Wealthier taxpayers are the subject of increasing scrutiny by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the belief that more tax can be collected by looking more carefully at their affairs.

HMRC modernisation programme: big is beautiful, or is it?

05 January 2017

The first of HMRC’s 13 new large regional contact centres is due to open in 2016-17, part of a major reorganisation of services. But will this modernisation programme help HMRC become a tax authority ‘fit for the future’ and will bigger necessarily mean better?

Will 2017 be the year the world got serious about bank account secrecy?

05 January 2017

The OECD recently announced that there are 1300 relationships in place for the automatic exchange of account information between countries. Of these, 1133 are live and ready to exchange information in 2017.

HMRC's customer service – how did we get here?

05 January 2017

The MBE awarded to HMRC’s head of customer services in the New Year Honours List has understandably attracted some interesting press coverage, very little of it favourable.

Transfer pricing - getting your compliance right
Ken Almand

Watch our video - we take a look at how the transfer pricing rules have changed and what you need to do to keep up-to-date with these ever evolving global regulations.

Transfer pricing - tax planning opportunities
Ken Almand

Watch our latest video to discover why the size of your business does matter, when transfer pricing comes into play.