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Weekly tax brief - 4 July 2017

04 July 2017

In this edition of RSM’s weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we cover the latest developments.

Urgent reform needed to ensure the punishment fits the crime

04 July 2017

A recent tribunal case in which a taxpayer was given a hefty penalty despite there being no tax due suggests the system is in need of urgent reform.

Most popular employee perks revealed

04 July 2017

A new set of statistics from HMRC reveal the most popular perks provided to employees by their employers. While private medical and dental insurance top the list, could ultra-low emission vehicles be driving their way up the charts?

£7,500 tax free? Game, set and match to the rent-a-room scheme

04 July 2017

HMRC’s generous rent-a-room scheme offers households the prospect of tax-free income from letting spare rooms during the Wimbledon tennis tournament and other summer events. But if receipts exceed the £7,500 limit and no tax return is filed, then the sweet taste of strawberries and cream may become very bitter when the taxman catches up with them.

Action needed by trusts to comply with beneficial owner register requirements

04 July 2017

Action is needed by trusts to comply with a new requirement for a beneficial ownership register for trusts operated by HMRC. New trusts within the scope will need to register by 5 October 2017 and information on existing trusts must be provided by 31 January 2018.

How may recent events affect the UK’s infrastructure sector?
Alistair Hynd

03 July 2017

How will major events in the past 12 months such as Brexit, Trump’s election and a minority UK government, affect the infrastructure sector?

What workforce changes can organisations expect over the next two years?
Carolyn Brown

28 June 2017

Following the General Election that left the UK Government without a Parliamentary majority, the Queen’s Speech was dominated by a Brexit legislative agenda. We look at what current clarity there is about what changes employers can expect over the next two years which may affect their workforce.

The big issues for travel and tourism 2017 - an unprecedented 6 months
Ian Bell

29 June 2017

Despite fears that Brexit would reduce the amount of Britons travelling we’ve seen a 1 per cent uplift in people travelling abroad in the first half of 2017.

The view so far - leisure and hospitality sector 2017
Paul Newman

29 June 2017

It’s fair to say that the leisure and hospitality sector has faced a challenging first half of 2017. The uncertainty of a hung parliament, a fraught Brexit process and fears surrounding terrorist attacks have all impacted consumer confidence.

The big issues for retailers in 2017
Andrew Westbrook

29 June 2017

At the beginning of the year we predicted there could be some challenges on the horizon for retailers. We take a look at the successes and challenges that have affected the industry so far in 2017.