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Ensuring your model is rock solid

In our ongoing series revisiting best practice modelling basics, in this section we look at model integrity, why it matters and how to protect it.

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What modellers can learn from the mapmakers

Continuing our look at the key building blocks to best practice modelling, this piece focuses on what most financial modellers would agree is a critical principle to observe when modelling: consistency.

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How to avoid your financial model blowing up in your face

If you are given a model with inputs all over the place, with data interspersed with calculations, with overtyped formulae, or with unstructured or opaque looking assumptions…be warned.

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A good model needs a beginning, a middle and an end

In our ongoing review of the key building blocks to best practice modelling, this piece focuses on the fundamental elements that underpin a model - the formulae themselves.

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Protecting your financial model from spreadsheet sabotage

This piece focuses on what often appears to be a secondary consideration in model development: how to avoid model users breaking the model.

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Zen and the art of spreadsheet modelling

In this series , we have published some short pieces revisiting modelling best practice fundamentals and explaining why this stuff matters. As a team, we focus on six key elements and have covered each in turn to try and convey why modellers get excited about them and the risks associated with deviating from good practice.

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Be more architect, less cowboy builder

This focus on best practice modelling isn’t some intellectual conceit or spreadsheet puritanism. It’s fundamentally about reducing risk and cost. It’s the difference between employing a good architect and a cowboy builder.

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