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‘We can terminate UK employees’ contracts simply by having a frank discussion’

Terminating employees is never easy, but it’s important to follow due process. Read our article to see the difference between US and UK legal employment practices

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'Our US team can handle the UK bookkeeping'

Is it possible to maintain UK bookkeeping from your US headquarters and do the UK VAT compliance yourself? Read our article to understand the nuances you should take under consideration.

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‘We can register our UK payroll in the name of our US parent entity’

It might seem strange, but if you’re setting up a UK subsidiary what name should you register your payroll under?

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‘We’ll hire through a global employment partner, so we don’t need to worry about UK corporate taxes’

Hiring in the UK via an Employer of Record may not mitigate your corporate tax liability. Read our article to understand the benefits and risks.

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‘We’ll grant UK employees stock options through an EMI subplan but won’t need to inform the UK tax authority’

When implementing an EMI stock option plan what are the two key steps most often overlooked?

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‘We’ll just mirror our US benefit offerings in the UK’

For US companies expanding in the UK, you can’t mirror your US benefits globally. Why is this?

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‘We have heard of UK VAT but assume it’s the same as US Sales Tax’

UK VAT and US Sales Tax are not the same. For US businesses looking to set up in the UK, this is an important distinction to make. But why is this?

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