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SM&CR: how can we help

27 July 2017

We can offer a number of services to help firms implement the SM&CR or review clients SM&CR processes.

SM&CR: key dates

27 July 2017

Find out about the timeline for SM&CR implementation.

Understand Conduct Rules

27 July 2017

Firms are not just required to meet the relevant Conduct Rules. They must also document their compliance and provide conduct training to all staff and most importantly to customer-facing staff.

How will senior managers be affected?

27 July 2017

Some senior managers will have new responsibilities under the SM&CR regulations. Find out the steps your firm will need to take.

Prepare for the certification regime

27 July 2017

Firms will need to introduce a self-certification scheme to ensure key individuals are fit to carry out their role. Understand what this means in practice.

SM&CR: what you need to know

27 July 2017

Discover why the Senior Management and Certification Regime has been introduced, and who needs to comply with the rules.

Get ready for the SM&CR

27 July 2017

Financial services firms have around 12 months to prepare for the biggest regulatory shake-up since the economic crash: the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR).

Independent schools insights

27 July 2017

Here our experienced education team provide a useful source of insight into recent developments and issues affecting the independent school sector and best practice advice to empower your school to meet future challenges head-on.

Making gains: salary sacrifice - a continuing benefit
David Williams-Richardson

27 July 2017

New legislation introduced in April 2017 impacts ‘optional remuneration arrangements’ including certain salary sacrifice, flexible benefit and cash alternative structures.

The extended Senior Managers and Certification Regime: are you prepared?
David Fenton

18 July 2017

Over the coming weeks, the Financial Conduct Agency will shed light on how it intends to roll out the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) to the rest of the financial services industry.