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HMRC sets the bar higher for software R&D claims

18 May 2018

In recent years, HMRC has changed its approach to R&D tax relief claims for software development and has hired IT specialists. IT-related claims are often passed to these specialists to review. Many practitioners on the HMRC R&D Consultative Committee, including RSM, have argued that this sets the bar higher for software claimants.

Will HMRC allow colleges to have their cake and eat it?
Scott Harwood

17 May 2018

Depending how long you’ve been working in the sector, you may remember what is commonly referred to as the ‘Lennartz’ VAT accounting principle. HMRC’s original view was that under Lennartz, instead of apportioning VAT recovery on capital assets up front, colleges and other entities could instead reclaim all VAT costs incurred in full at that time , and then account for output VAT to HMRC for any ‘deemed’ supply of the non-business use over the life of the asset.

Outsourcing the HR function in the recruitment sector
Kerri Constable

16 May 2018

The recruitment sector is a provider of outsourcing services but should recruiters consider partnering or fully outsourcing their HR function?

The debate on hire purchase VAT recovery takes an unexpected turn in Europe
Ian Carpenter

16 May 2018

The Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) case has been rumbling on since 2011. It considers the issue of how a business supplying vehicles on hire purchase (HP) should recover VAT on overhead costs, given that HP transactions result in a standard rated supply (of the vehicle) and an exempt supply of finance.

Mark Holland

Prepare for the regular changes in the legislation through our series of webinars.

Back to school report – Summer 2018
Hannah Catchpool

15 May 2018

This edition is a focus on employee matters, some from the perspective of the employee and others the employer. All useful reminders of topical matters. In addition we have a special contribution from Sir David Carter, the National Schools Commissioner.

Reserving the future | Financial policies in independent schools
Nick Sladden

14 May 2018

Reserves are much more than a statement about the financial health of your school. A robust reserves position will send a clear message to parents and other stakeholders that you are well-led, well-managed and well-run. Download our report now.

Charity reserves | Resilience in 2018
Nick Sladden

14 May 2018

Reserves are much more than a statement about the financial health of your charity. Amid growing media and public interest in fundraising practices, a robust reserves position will send a clear message to funders and beneficiaries that you are well-led, well-managed and well-run.

Revisions to the Conceptual Framework for IFRS Standards
Danielle Stewart OBE

11 May 2018

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has issued a revised version of its Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting which underpins IFRS Standards. Companies will need use the new framework from 2020 although the IASB will start using it immediately.

Pub and restaurant groups see sales take a dip in April

11 May 2018

Britain’s managed pub and restaurant groups saw sales slip in April. Latest figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker showed collective like-for-likes down 1.2% on the same month last year – with earlier Easter holidays seen as the main factor.