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US tax reform promises little for individuals but much for companies

25 April 2017

While individual income taxes are the biggest single component in US government funding, most attention is focused on the likely scale of cuts in US corporate income taxes. Will a reformed US tax system spark the biggest cash movement in the history of the world?

Zero hours contracts on election agenda

25 April 2017

We have yet to see the election manifestos but Jeremy Corbyn has pledged that his party will ban zero hours contracts in the event of a Labour victory. However, a question mark remains over how such a ban could be implemented.

Which parts of the Finance Bill have survived?

25 April 2017

We now know that whole swathes of the Finance Bill 2017 have been dropped in the pre-election ‘wash-up’. The main principle seems to have been that clauses which will apply to 2017-18 have been retained while clauses relating to future years have been dropped. Making Tax Digital is one election casualty, but the sugar tax has been retained in its entirety. If there is a return of a Conservative government we would expect that clauses left out of this bill will be reinstated in a summer finance bill but if there is a change of government all bets are off.

Weekly tax brief 25 April 2017

25 April 2017

In this edition of RSM’s weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we cover the latest developments.

Howe it covered
Stephen Orriss

24 April 2017

RSM’s M&A and private equity team has advised on the sale of Howe Green to Bilco, an international business which produces specialised access products.

Will your M&A decisions create a stronger organisation?

20 April 2017

Are you identifying and pursuing targets which genuinely fit with your growth strategy or do you have to find a reason to justify the fit? Then, after the transaction is complete, are you confident in your ability to achieve fast and efficient integration?

Fit to merge? Why the shape you are in matters

20 April 2017

You find a merger partner that ticks all the boxes strategically. You do coffee and lunch (several times); shake hands on a broad outline of a deal; share the news with business partners on a need-to-know basis and you are ready to get stuck into the nitty gritty of deal-making.

Negotiating your way into a good deal

20 April 2017

The merger that looked good on paper comes undone at execution. Staff, who were the future of the new firm, leave in droves; clients are unsettled and anticipated earnings shrivel. What went wrong with the negotiations?

Will your business structure help you grow?
David Blacher

20 April 2017

For fast-growing and ambitious tech companies, the right business structure is key. The wrong structure can make it harder to reach strategic objectives: the business becomes more difficult to manage and ultimately incurs higher tax and compliance costs.

How not to waste time and money on the wrong merger partner

20 April 2017

It’s easy to be flattered by the initial advances of a potential merger partner. But allowing heart to rule head before giving an initial approach proper consideration can mean wasting time and money on a merger or acquisition that is destined to fail. So how do you understand whether the other side is a good fit for your firm?