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Brexit: Branch versus subsidiary
Simon Hart

14 February 2018

Businesses are increasingly looking to international markets as they grow, particularly with the advent of e-commerce over the past decade. Therefore, international tax issues that may have previously been the preserve of larger multinational businesses are now often in point for other businesses, irrespective of their size.

Whiteley Murphy Group - Automating the future
Tony Edwards

12 February 2018

RSM’s M&A and private equity team has advised on the sale of Whiteley Murphy, a group of specialist design led manufacturing businesses, to HAHN Group, a leading global manufacturer of industrial automation and robotic solutions.

VAT on disbursements ramifications of the Brabners LLP (Brabners) case
Ian Carpenter

09 February 2018

In our previous VAT briefing we suggested adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach pending the issue of guidance from HMRC on their view of how the decision affects law firms generally. However, as it is becoming increasingly unlikely that HMRC will issue any such guidance and as to our knowledge, Brabners has not submitted an appeal to the tribunal, we believe the position should now be reappraised.

Onboarding new recruits
David Gibbens

07 February 2018

Onboarding a new colleague to a business is an exciting time. It’s the stage where employees really get a feel for the role and organisation and getting this process wrong can be expensive. So why do organisations overlook this critical process?

Recruit, retain, protect

07 February 2018

It has never been more important to hire and retain the right talent to drive business performance and improve productivity. We all understand that recruitment can be an expensive process, but how aware are you of the hidden costs linked to retaining your workforce?

Charities returning or refusing donations – simple decision?
Nick Sladden

07 February 2018

In the wake of various charities returning or refusing to accept donations from ‘The Presidents Club Charitable Trust’ scandal, the Charity Commission has published advice highlighting the sorts of issues a charity should consider when deciding whether to accept or refuse future donations, and also whether to keep or return donations that have already been accepted.

Estate planning – could the 1956 UK / India double tax treaty provide inheritance tax relief for you?
Sophie St John

05 February 2018

Have you retained connections with India? Could the 1956 UK/India double tax treaty provide inheritance relief?

Mixed domicile marriages and civil partnerships – what does this mean for inheritance tax?
Sophie St John

05 February 2018

Many spouses and civil partners are under the impression that anything they give to each other is fully exempt from inheritance tax. This isn’t always the case if you’re a mixed domiciled couple.

Pension Protection Fund Levy 2018/2019
Guy Mander

01 February 2018

The Pension Protection Fund has finalised its guidance for the purposes of the 2018/19 levy. The certification wording has not changed particularly – so what has changed?

Academies back to school report - Spring 2018

31 January 2018

This edition is a special collaboration between RSM and BWB, with articles also authored by an Academy Trust CEO reflecting on their decision to convert to a multi-academy trust.