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The essentials of risk management

17 January 2017

In this article we've identified the key components that will create a more dynamic environment for risk management. This will help improve your academy's risk maturity and outlook.

Are you aware of sports funding?

17 January 2017

With increasing pressure on schools to find more creative ways to increase their income - has your academy considered sports funding?

Weekly tax brief 17 January 2017

17 January 2017

In this edition of RSM’s weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we cover the latest developments.

What will President Trump’s tax policy mean for transfer pricing?

17 January 2017

Whatever your views are on Donald Trump one thing is for sure, his presidency is unlikely to be boring. This extends to his proposed tax policies. So what are they and how might they impact business, particularly from a transfer pricing perspective?

So it’s half in, and half out, for the customs union then?

17 January 2017

In her speech on Tuesday, the prime minister stated that she did not want a deal that would see the UK as ‘half in and half out’ of the EU. But is seeking to become an ‘associate member’ of the customs union not half in?

Has anyone seen a tax haven around here?

17 January 2017

As we start to get more clarity on the UK’s Brexit negotiating stance, the Chancellor has indicated that the UK would consider changing tax policy to ensure the nation remains competitive. Some would see this as fair, others have taken this as a hard line - but the interesting question is why are some European leaders opposed to this?

Lessons must be learned from HMRCs 'Black Tuesday'

17 January 2017

Two recent reports on HMRC's performance contain worrying pointers towards unrealistic planning and excessive optimism at the highest levels. Lessons must be learned from these.

Navigating you through the tax landscape
Gary Heynes

As the UK tax system is as complex as ever before and the penalties for getting it wrong are at its most severe.

Download private client compass

Download the private client compass.

Urgent non-dom changes from 5 April 2017
Karen Clark

Non-doms, from 5 April 2017, who are residents in the UK for 15 out of the last 20 years, will no longer be able to access the remittance basis of taxation.