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The Summer Budget 2015...any impact on professional services?
Mark Waddilove

08 July 2015

A Budget has passed without any further attack on the LLP structure or ownership. But there were several announcements that will have an impact on businesses and their owners operating in the professional services sector.

Tweaks to the venture capital tax reliefs to meet EU state aid rules

08 July 2015

In the Budget 2015, the Chancellor announced certain changes to the venture capital tax reliefs which are being introduced to ensure that the reliefs comply with new EU ‘State Aid’ rules and that approval can in turn be provided by the EU.

Britain deserves a pay rise - who will bear the cost?
Paul Newman

08 July 2015

The first Conservative Budget for a generation provided an insight into the government's intentions for the next five years - higher wages; less tax; less welfare.

Budget 2015

08 July 2015

The Chancellor today explained that today is “a Budget that puts security first” and “for working people.” A “Budget that recognises the hard work and sacrifice of the British people over the past 5 years."

Introduction of the National Living Wage the key measure impacting retailer
Rupert Eastell

08 July 2015

The most striking announcement impacting retailers made by the Chancellor is the introduction of a national living wage which is being introduced at a rate of £7.20 per hour in April 2016.

Corporation Tax - a curate's egg

08 July 2015

Summer Budget announces unexpected reductions in corporation tax rates, bringing the rate down to 18% by 2020.

Employers compensate for welfare cuts
Bill Longe

08 July 2015

Employers may have to use their corporation tax savings to compensate employees for Government welfare cuts and other policy documents.

Fewer tax advantages for dividends?

08 July 2015

The Chancellor has announced a major reform to dividend taxation which will have owners of small and medium sized businesses up in arms.

Clampdown on pension relief
Mark Waddilove

08 July 2015

The Chancellor outlined measures to allow individuals to pass on their family home on death up to a value of £1 million without suffering inheritance tax, but the funding for this has to come at a cost to those high earners planning for their retirements. Step in changes to pensions.

Charities SORP - Boredom in the Boardroom - Is your Board sighted on the right risks?
Matthew Humphrey

02 July 2015

If you want to get more value from your Governors meetings or improve existing risk management, it’s advisable to review your strategic risks.