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An opportunity to recover VAT from your Corporate Finance deal costs?
Ian Carpenter

26 August 2015

The issue of how much VAT incurred in connection with corporate mergers, acquisitions or restructuring can be recovered has been one of VAT’s longest running disputes between businesses and HMRC.

Weekly Tax Brief - 25 August 2015

25 August 2015

Round-up of the latest news and developments...

Landlords pushed into a tight spot!

25 August 2015

Landlords were dealt a blow in the Budget with the announcement of a restriction to basic rate relief only on finance costs on rental properties. So what should these landlords do now?

Poor planning by UK Treasury or a return to stealth taxes?

25 August 2015

Notwithstanding the Chancellor’s authoritative presentation of his statement it was clear that, so soon after an election which against all expectations returned the UK to single-party rule, many of the big ideas had not been worked up into detailed proposals. With more information now emerging, two of these are particularly significant.

The tax break that could spell the divid-END to small business tax advantages

25 August 2015

Cause for celebration when the Chancellor announced in the Budget that everybody would receive a ‘tax free allowance’ of £5,000 against dividend income.

Watch out, watch out - there's a taxman about!

25 August 2015

In his Summer Budget, the Chancellor announced plans to commit more resource to help identify and tackle tax evasion on wealthy taxpayers perceived to be understating and underpaying their taxes.

An analysis of higher education institute clients' risk registers
Lisa Randall

24 August 2015

Our analysis is based on the in-depth examination of 20 of our higher education institution (HEI) clients’ risk registers.

Big data, big deal?
Chris Knowles

19 August 2015

Big Data is a common term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of both structured and unstructured data. What does this mean for your organisation and how can this proliferation of data be harnessed to add value for your business?

Weekly Tax Brief - 18 August 2015

18 August 2015

Round-up of the latest tax news and developments...

Carrier bag tax till operators will have to become tax experts

18 August 2015

From 5 October, England will, like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, charge 5p for the use of plastic carrier bags. Although exempt from VAT in Northern Ireland, carrier bags sold in England, Scotland and Wales generate 0.83 pence in VAT to HMRC.