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The Budget and employers an unexpected partnership?

09 July 2015

In his Budget the Chancellor set out his road map for the future, moving Britain towards a higher wage, lower tax and lower welfare economy.

Introduction of the National Living Wage the key measure impacting retailer
Rupert Eastell

08 July 2015

The most striking announcement impacting retailers made by the Chancellor is the introduction of a national living wage which is being introduced at a rate of £7.20 per hour in April 2016.

The Summer Budget 2015...any impact on professional services?
Mark Waddilove

08 July 2015

A Budget has passed without any further attack on the LLP structure or ownership. But there were several announcements that will have an impact on businesses and their owners operating in the professional services sector.

Tweaks to the venture capital tax reliefs to meet EU state aid rules

08 July 2015

In the Budget 2015, the Chancellor announced certain changes to the venture capital tax reliefs which are being introduced to ensure that the reliefs comply with new EU ‘State Aid’ rules and that approval can in turn be provided by the EU.

Multinational avoidance gamble

08 July 2015

The Government has reiterated its plans to introduce a new tax on profits diverted from the UK by large companies.

Property taxes - the good, the bad, and the complicated!
Joan Foster

08 July 2015

Real estate was definitely a hot topic in the Summer Budget, with both expected and unexpected changes.

Significant impact for residential property owners
Adrian Benosiglio

08 July 2015

The Summer Budget has brought a number of measures, which will impact on the real estate sector.

'Tax evasion, avoidance, planning and imbalances'
Mike Down

08 July 2015

Chancellor expands crackdown on those who side-step their tax obligations by grouping 'planning' and 'imbalances' to 'evasion' and 'avoidance' – what happens next?

Britain deserves a pay rise - who will bear the cost?
Paul Newman

08 July 2015

The first Conservative Budget for a generation provided an insight into the government's intentions for the next five years - higher wages; less tax; less welfare.

Budget 2015

08 July 2015

The Chancellor today explained that today is “a Budget that puts security first” and “for working people.” A “Budget that recognises the hard work and sacrifice of the British people over the past 5 years."