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R&D tax relief & VAT – An opportunity to add value to your clients?
Ian Carpenter

01 October 2015

For architects’ clients, commissioning a property development or redevelopment is a significant step and a major financial investment. In budgeting for a project, tax is a potential cash or cash-flow cost element and in our experience clients will welcome solutions to mitigate or eliminate this cost.

The global real economy - October 2015

01 October 2015

In this inaugural edition, RSM's Chief Economist in the US, Joe Brusuelas and fellow RSM leaders from India, Europe and Latin America share insights and analysis on a range of important global, macroeconomic concerns.

The new F&HE SORP
Stephanie Mason

30 September 2015

The financial reporting world in the UK is currently undergoing arguably its biggest change since the introduction of FRSs back in 1996 and the further education sector will be affected by this.

Bitcoin – A very 21st century fraud
Mark Wilson

30 September 2015

RSM’s Special Investigations team have identified a growing trend in cases where virtual currencies are manipulated for fraudulent gain. Advisers charged with investigating fraud therefore need to increase their own knowledge to ensure they are up to speed on the issue.

Weekly Tax Brief - 29 September 2015

29 September 2015

Round-up of the latest tax news and developments...

BEPS – what we already know

29 September 2015

The OECD BEPS project has been a huge undertaking, with multiple Discussion Drafts, Public Consultations and thousands of pages of stakeholder input. Now the end is in sight, what do we know? Will anything change and has it really been worth the effort?

Will BEPS provide the solution to tax avoidance by multi-nationals?

29 September 2015

Clamping down on avoidance by multi-nationals is a either a popular sound-bite or a tax policy, depending on one’s perspective, which is common across the political spectrum. With less than a week to go before the OECD release their final recommendations on reforming the international tax system, will we finally have the solution we’ve been waiting for?

Labour tax policy: which levers will they pull and how hard?

29 September 2015

When preparing the ground for his speech on Monday, New (or should that be Newest?) Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell emphasised that he would not be making any major statements on tax. And he was right.

Rekorderlig UK a sweet success
Rob Donaldson

29 September 2015

RSM’s M&A and private equity team has advised on the sale of Rekorderlig UK to Molson Coors.

Office to residential conversions – don’t forget the hidden VAT costs
Howard Freedman

28 September 2015

With effect from 30 May 2013, the requirement to obtain planning permission for change of use when converting an office building to residential use was scrapped.