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Pub and restaurant groups beat 2014 festive trading performance

18 January 2016

Pub and restaurant groups saw collective like-for-like sales increase 1.8 per cent over the six-week Christmas and New Year period.

Retrospective deadlines may impact international trader

12 January 2016

It’s little wonder that UK businesses trading internationally feel confused, and no, we’re not referring to the potential consequences of an in/out EU referendum, but the more immediate issue of the soon to be implemented European Union Customs Code (UCC).

Weekly Tax Brief - 12 January 2016

12 January 2016

In this week’s Tax Brief we look at how the humble game of bingo has come under the scrutiny of the tax tribunal, and the new charge that means taxpayers will now have to fork out to challenge the decision of the taxman. Plus why HMRC’s latest briefing note on the new European Union Customs Code has got businesses wishing they’d invested in a time machine…

Why challenging the taxman is not appeal-ling...

12 January 2016

The government is to impose fees for taxpayers wanting to appeal to the tax tribunal. The move has provoked a wave of criticism – not least because many think it is unfair that taxpayers will need to pay to challenge a decision of the state. And don’t even get us started on the eye-watering fees they’re proposing to charge…

House! Taxpayer wins bingo game against the taxman

12 January 2016

We’ve previously discussed how tax legislation often struggles to keep up with technological advancement, and now the humble game of bingo is coming under the scrutiny of the tax tribunal. Apparently the introduction of electronic devices to replace the original bingo card has got the tax experts scratching their heads. It’s enough to make your ‘dabber’ dry out…

Brightwave… makes the grade
Kirsty Sandwell

11 January 2016

Brightwave is one of the UK’s most innovative E-Learning solutions providers, delivering bespoke next generation learning to an array of Blue Chip and high profile clients.

Borrow more or repay debt?
Rowan Williams

06 January 2016

During recent weeks, there have been conflicting opinions on bank borrowing, particularly as it affects professional firms. One piece of advice, aimed primarily at law firms, expounded the view that firms which did not borrow more while interest rates were so low would be exhibiting behaviour ‘almost bordering on professional negligence’.

January deadline: do not ruin your weekend!

05 January 2016

This week we learned that tens of thousands of people submitted their tax returns over the Christmas break.

Weekly tax brief - 5 January 2016

05 January 2016

Happy New Year! In this week’s Tax Brief, we explain why the government needs to urgently rethink its approach to quality control for all online forms, issue some timely advice ahead of the self-assessment deadline and reveal the mysterious case of Sherlock Holmes and the disappearing footnote…

The mystery of the disappearing footnote - a reminiscence by Dr John Watson

05 January 2016

This week, Andrew Hubbard adopts the persona of Dr John Watson to chronicle Sherlock Holmes’ attempt to understand the tax system and the true intentions of parliament. But will the clues in the latest annual report on The Code of Practice on Taxation for Banks lead him down a blind alley?