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Property sector goes green: preparing for MEES

29 November 2017

The biggest shake up for landlords will impact from April next year. Commercial and residential landlords will be hit by the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation, coming into effect from 1 April 2018.

Commercial landlords in the hot seat?

29 November 2017

Landlords who don’t comply with the regulations, will risk paying penalties and have their non-compliance published. These penalties could reach £150,000 for a three month incident.

Higher education lifelong learning initiatives

27 November 2017

The budget for Higher Education and Skills aligned to previously announced priorities in respect of STEM subjects, employability and re-skilling and research linked to cutting edge technology.


22 November 2017

The big news was that the government will take steps to make sure digital multinationals pay their fair share of tax. The message is clear: if you’re going to operate in the UK, you’ll have to play by the rules. Other announcements focused on changes to R&D relief and the corporate indexation allowance. Find out what impact these updates will have.

Transforming taxation of the digital economy

22 November 2017

The Treasury seeks to tax based on revenues, rather than profit, for companies that operate in the digital economy.

Property sector not forgotten in Budget

22 November 2017

Mixed bag for individuals and businesses who will be impacted by chancellor’s Budget property announcement.

Individuals affected by property changes

22 November 2017

Some individuals may benefit from some of the changes to residential property taxation, whilst others will pay higher ATED charges.


22 November 2017

Please see our sector commentary here.


22 November 2017

There are few surprises in the chancellor’s budget for employers in relation to employer tax compliance, rather the confirmation of reforms previously announced.

Private client

22 November 2017

The Autumn Budget held no great suprises for individual taxpayers, with a focus on entrepreurial investment and tightening anti-avoidance. It is also welcome that the chancellor continues the commitment to raise personal allowances and the starting point for paying higher rate tax.