Recruit and retain managing looming tenure threats

Recruit and retain: managing looming tenure threats

The right people power business growth. They allow an organisation to innovate, push forward and thrive. But while talent is often a firm’s greatest asset, it is also its greatest threat.

Today, competition for workers has never been higher. But with less spending power than multinational companies, middle market businesses are often left behind. As firms battle for talent, finding the right people has become a major distraction for management.

Looking forward, challenges will only intensify. Economic uncertainty and the rise of Gen Z workers - those born around the turn of the millennium – are set to cause new tenure threats. Businesses must tackle the challenge head on or risk stagnation and failed growth expectations. The time to act is now. 

HR employee lifecycle

Are your managers damaging your bottom line?

Think about the last person you made a manager. Perhaps you promoted them because they did well on a project. Or they showed high potential in their specialist area. But what about their ability to lead? Good managers are key lever for business success, but the reality is that few people are taught how to become good managers.

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Why talent issues are most acute in the middle market

With capital expenditure largely focused on day-to-day operations, product innovation and business development, middle market firms often lack the spare capacity to invest heavily in HR and recruitment, or the resources to offer top-quartile salaries. On remuneration alone, they can’t compete with larger MNCs. 

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Disproportionate impacts
Extracting maximum value from employees

Extracting maximum value from employees

A job is no longer for life. Over the past decade tenure has continued to fall as millennial workers increasingly swap jobs, companies or careers to get ahead. Over the next three to five years, Gen Z will enter the workforce; firms should prepare for more disruption.

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