Raising finance for growth: walking the tightrope

Raising finance for growth: walking the tightrope

All businesses need money to grow. Whether to buy physical assets, expand into new markets or service areas, attract top hires or reward risk-taking shareholders, the right cash injection can help a company move forward with confidence.

However, only the most profitable businesses generate enough cash to fund their growth. Many will need to turn to external funders or investors if they are to continue their growth trajectory or successfully react to new opportunities.

Today’s finance market is buoyant: businesses can choose from a wide range of options, cash is accessible and terms remain favourable. But each funding route comes at a price; the wrong decision can have far-reaching impacts. In an uncertain operating environment, it’s more important than ever to make the right choice.

Finding finances

The finance challenge 

Today, major multinationals are more cash rich than ever before. However, middle market businesses are often quickly hamstrung by a lack of cash. Many will need to turn to third party funders and investors to reach their goals. But how many make the right decision? 
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Finding finances

Making the right choice 

Raising finance for growth can often feel like a tightrope walk. Handled carefully and confidently, it can help a company push through challenges to achieve its goals. But one wrong step can have catastrophic consequences. Businesses must tread carefully.

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Finance routes

Find out about key routes to finance

Each fundraising option has both benefits and drawbacks. To make the right choice, businesses must pick the route that best aligns with their goals.

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