Has the taxman's timing left HMRC staff smiling?

08 December 2015

Mike Down

The results of the HMRC element of the Civil Service People Survey 2015 were announced last week. Over 42,000 employees took part in the survey, some 65 per cent of the workforce.  

The results indicate a small improvement in satisfaction across each and every category.  That said, HMRC staff are considerably less happy with their lot than other civil servants, although the gap between HMRC and other departments does appear to be narrowing.

Key points from the survey show that just 27 per cent of staff feel that HMRC as a whole is managed well, a mere 21 per cent are content with their pay and benefits and most worryingly, almost a quarter want to quit their jobs within the next 12 months. On the plus side, 79 per cent say they are clear about HMRC’s purpose and organisational objectives, 65 per cent are motivated by their line manager, and 83 per cent are happy with the team in which they work. 

It seems likely that the survey was carried out prior to the announcement of HMRC’s future reorganisation under which the vast majority of local offices are to close. If this is the case, we must question the impact of the office closures on staff morale, and would call upon HMRC to run the survey again to see how the results then look.