Weekly tax brief - 29 March 2017

We lose £11.4bn a year in tax evasion – won’t we need that post-Brexit

29 March 2017

The results are startling. While tax avoidance is at its lowest level ever, tax evasion and the hidden economy seem to be increasing inexorably, costing the UK £11.4bn a year.

How can non-doms plan effectively without legislative certainty?

29 March 2017

We are about to see the most significant changes to the tax rules for non-domiciled individuals since their introduction many decades ago. However, those affected are unable to plan effectively as the relevant legislation has yet to be passed.

Salary sacrifice changes leave employers insufficient time to act

29 March 2017

Last week HMRC issued the final legislation in relation to the changes for salary sacrifice which come into effect in less than a week. These are some of the biggest and most fundamental changes to the taxation of benefits in kind in recent times and employers were given just over two weeks to prepare. If that wasn’t bad enough, the accompanying guidance is only in draft form and can’t be relied upon.